Enhanced search

Blog Post created by ana.marquez Employee on Apr 29, 2019

This is one of four blog posts related to features in SLM 9.2.0 release.

Over the last 6 months our SAM development team has been putting additional focus into trying to improve the quality of life for our users, culminating in two key initiatives - enhancing our existing reports to add key data points users need over and over again, and consolidating how users can quickly find and navigate to a computer, application, agreement, etc.


This posts focuses on the second initiative - code named enhanced search.


When interviewing users on how they use the Snow platform day to day, it became very clear that we had a lot of overlap in the uses of our search and list pages. These pages contain about 90% of the same data points and functionality for each category (e.g applications, computers, etc), with some small but important differences in capabilities (I am looking at you “ Also include not installed/used“ in the application search).

We also discovered a related challenge - our list pages can become very slow for large datasets, in some cases rendering the page unusable.


By engaging with a number of users both internally and externally, we came up with a new concept that merges the best parts of both pages into one:


New search page - search pane expanded

New search page - saved search

New search page - saving a new search

New search page - saving a new search

New search page - saving a new search

Now there is a single place where you can come and quickly filter to find an application, or set up and save searches with complex criteria that you use over and over again. Using our new web technology, we also progressively load the data shown in the grid - this means that irrespective of the size of the total dataset, we will only load what you see on screen.


In SLM 9.2.0, you will see this new page replacing the Computer and Application search pages (with the other pages coming in future releases) - as well as some information on their respective list pages that they will be removed in a future release.



As always, comment on this post or reach out if you have any questions and let us know what you think when you get your hands on this new feature!