Report enhancements in Snow License Manager 9.2

Blog Post created by ana.marquez Employee on Apr 29, 2019

This is one of four blog posts related to features in SLM 9.2.0 release.


Over the last 6 months our SAM development team has been putting additional focus into trying to improve the quality of life for our users, culminating in two key initiatives - enhancing our existing reports to add key data points users need over and over again, and consolidating how users can quickly find and navigate to a computer, application, agreement, etc.


This post focuses on the quality of life changes coming to many of our existing reports, and a sneak peek of three new reports driven by community demand.


Being able to filter, export and schedule actionable data is a key need for all of the SAM teams that we have spoken to. Love it or hate it, the reporting engine in the Snow platform is a key enabler for most of our customers, not only for the SAM function but also to drive insight for other areas of the business.

Given how crucial reporting is to our users, there is nothing more frustrating that have a few key data points missing from a report, requiring you to export and then combine multiple reports to get the dataset that you need. Even more frustrating is missing IDs that you need to drive one of our imports when updating things like assignments for a large set of licenses.


We often see requests on the Idea’s board for the addition of a single column that would help simplify a workflow and save time for our users.


As a result, the SAM development team embarked on an endeavor to give our reports some TLC. There were three key objectives:

  1. Find and add the most commonly requested data points for our most used reports

  2. Ensure that we consistently summed numeric and financial columns across all reports

  3. Add three of the most frequently requested new reports


So, which of the reports have been reviewed for SLM 9.2.0 I hear you ask? Here is the list:

  • All agreements

  • All applications

  • All computers

  • All licenses

  • All objects

  • All Oracle agreements

  • Applications per computer

  • Applications per user

  • Archived computers

  • Blacklisted applications per computer

  • Blacklisted applications per user

  • Bundles with unused applications per computer

  • Discovered Assets without Inventory (Computers that are not inventoried)

  • License compliance summary

  • License purchase records per agreement

  • License tracking per computer

  • Maintenance and Support Overview

  • Potential software cost savings

  • Yearly statistics per application


And as for those new reports…

The much requested Devices per user report is here - allowing you to see each computer, mobile device and remote device a user has accessed:


Another key reporting need was being able to see each application a user could access on each computer they had logged into - welcome to the Applications per computer and user report:


And finally a report called Files per computer showing all of the files related to each application that we apply our Software Recognition Service to for each computer, for those that need to dig deeper into application data: