Charting a Course to the Future

Blog Post created by caitlin.clifford Employee on Sep 23, 2019

Charting a course to the future

A note from our Chief Customer Officer Richard Anderson


Here at Snow, we are continuing to release new capabilities into the market to help you address your traditional software asset management challenges. But we’ve also broadened our focus to help our customers and partners solve the complexities of an increasingly cloud-based world.  And as we continue to expand our product portfolio, we want you to help us define that future.


Our mission is to provide complete insight and manageability across all technology. To achieve this we must continue to push beyond software and extend the reach and capabilities of our platform overall. We call this vision technology intelligence, and our most recent launches support our journey to providing a single integrated platform.


An important step in this process – many would argue the most important – is to gather feedback from customers and partners to help us understand where our focus and efforts should be targeted to achieve this mission. We will be launching a survey to expressly gather your direct feedback on these initiatives so we can serve you in the best possible way.


Currently we are focused on expanding in four areas:


Software Asset Management (SAM): We will continue to develop capabilities within this space. It is clear SAM isn’t going anywhere – this market continues to grow by 10-15% per year as software spend continues to dominate anywhere from 45-60% of the overall IT spend within an organization.


Cloud Applications (SaaS): This year we have already launched increased capabilities for the most popular SaaS applications such as Office 365 and Adobe Creative Cloud. We will continue to add more cloud applications to our market-leading recognition service, boosting the capabilities of the enhanced connectors as well as developing new connectors and capabilities based on market and customer demand.


Cloud Infrastructure (IaaS): This is one of the biggest focus areas for us in the market today as we look at capabilities in three main areas: cloud migration, cloud economics and cloud management. This market is predicted to grow at over 300% over the coming years, and we are expanding our functionality to support these use cases.


Hardware Asset Management (HAM): We have been gathering hardware data for years as a core component of SAM. With extended platform capabilities we will be able to maximize this captured data, making it available for analytics and reporting. This will help support HAM use cases within the business, particularly those linked to overall insight and manageability.


Key questions we have been asking on this journey include:


  1. As we bring this vision to life, how do we ensure it is easy for customers to support, adopt and run in their environments?
  2. What capabilities do we need to provide to help the customers on their journey?
  3. How do we make this accessible for very complex infrastructures with a myriad of configuration possibilities and maintains a high standard of quality?
  4. What is the process for customers who want to adopt this new technology and how do we enable that adoption?


To answers these questions, we have formed a task force focused on outlining requirements and delivering against them with cross-functional teams. The key initiatives forming the backbone of this working group are as follows:


Roadmap & Product Value: Communicating our new roadmap and its supporting plan to help inform and seek feedback in a clear and concise manner. Developing action plans and capabilities, where they don’t exist, to help our customers and partners adopt these new capabilities. 


Release Process & Upgrade Path: Creating a clearly managed and communicated release plan and path incorporating the new capabilities we plan to deliver. Ensuring we understand and map our release plans in line with customers’ abilities to adopt them. Guaranteeing we keep the quality of our documentation and release communications high and embracing continuous improvement.


Programs (Beta): Improving upon the effectiveness of the beta programs we run today.  We want to focus in on two key aspects: fully understanding the benefits to you, the customer and efficiently running the program over a shorter period with improved feedback.


Best Practice: Defining Snow best practices regarding adoption, setup, configuration and leveraging our solutions. Documenting what good looks like for customers, then helping them evangelize their needs to make their technology visibility and insight goals more achievable. 


Documentation: Developing valuable documentation with a constant view to improving it further. Utilizing all the channels we have (in-product, community, support portal) to best deliver this documentation taking into consideration customer views on what we have today.


Enablement: Creating the most effective methods to deliver training and guidance to customers and partners when we launch new capabilities into the market. These methods should facilitate the most appropriate ways to self-serve and receive guided training. They should include online, classroom and documentation-based enablement. 


Communication: Enhancing our planning and delivery to ensure we effectively communicate on key roadmap and capability decisions. Managing key aspects such as End of Life, End of Support and End of Maintenance information along with specific updates and upgrades to prepare our customers and partners to best adopt the new capabilities.


The workstreams detailed above are important aspects of our plans, but we know that you are likely to be thinking, “What will this look like for me?” That is why we specifically want to understand your opinions and thoughts on how we are performing today with a view to helping us in the future. We already gather customer sentiment in different ways from across multiple teams, but to further support our improvement plans, we will be seeking more direct feedback via the coming survey in early autumn. The results of the survey will help us work together to deliver against our vision and roadmap as well as to identify areas of improvement across all our working aspects and collaboration with you.


In the meantime, if you have any specific thoughts either generally or in relation to the above-mentioned workstreams, please feel free to share them now by emailing Richard Anderson, our Chief Customer Officer,   at  He would very much welcome your thoughts and thank you for your feedback.