Community Migration Announcement

Blog Post created by caitlin.clifford Employee on Mar 26, 2020

As many of you are aware, we are getting closer to our community migration date of March 31. We are very excited about the move, and once the migration of all our data and content is complete, we hope you’ll find the community easier to use and better integrated with our larger support ecosystem. To help you get started on the new platform, we wanted to highlight some changes you will see within the new Snow Globe.


The biggest change you will notice is the structure of the community.  There are two main sections on the home page which will help guide your experience: Topics and Groups. 


  • Topics is the new location for what was formerly known as Discussion Forums. In an effort to provide better alignment with the broader market, topics will cover high-level categories as opposed to being solely product focused. There are six main topics where you can ask and answer questions: Software & License Management, Cloud Management, Security & Data Privacy, Data Services & Inventory, ITSM & Automation, and Hardware & Device Management. Additionally, you can tag specific sub-topics within each main topic to aid with discovery and navigation.
  • Groups is the other major section of the community. While we had this feature in the previous community, the new groups functionality is much more prevalent and used at a larger scale. Please join the News & Updates group for important messages from Snow as well as Product Releases for the latest updates on our platform. Other groups you may want to consider joining are General Help, Beta Testing, Customer Advocacy and Coffee Break.


Another important change to note is that we will be migrating the Ideas Board to a separate platform so it can be fully integrated with our new product roadmap tool. This will allow for tighter alignment with our product management process and ensure your feedback is better reflected in product development. We will be archiving and transferring all current ideas, however the Ideas Board will be temporarily unavailable during this transitional period. We will keep you updated on this move on Snow Globe, and in the meantime, please connect with your account team on any pressing needs or product feedback.


Snow Globe is a special place, and now more than ever, it is important that we stay connected as a community. We do expect there will bumps along the way as we move old content and adapt to the new structure, but we also believe it is critical to immediately provide you with this space even if there are rough spots during the migration. Thank you for all the encouragement and support so far, and please continue to share your feedback so we can build this new community together. If you have additional questions, refer to the FAQ or reach out directly to



Caitlin Clifford

Community Manager