• App not complian in App Family but each App is compliant by itself

    Hi,   currently I am checking Microsoft Office for compliance. Within the application family 'Microsoft Office' the graph for older versions shows an incompatibility of 50 % missing licenses. In this case only ...
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  • Windows licensing with Microsoft 365 Enterprise E3 not displayed correctly

    Hello together,    we license Windows 10 Enterprise per user through the bundle Microsoft 365 Enterprise E3 by including Windows per user. This is also displayed correctly in SNOW:   Also included in...
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  • O365 Connector  - Online only users, unable to assign Org

    Hi, We are using the O365 Connector. We have a number of users who have an E1 license for example, that are online only users. The issue we are facing is that we can't then assign these users to an organisation as the...
    created by emilyward5
  • Servers duplicated

    Hi, I've got duplicated servers at all computers list. Some case server appear five times.   Is there a way to get rid of them?
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  • SQL Server compliance and license tracking issue?

    I have the following issue in Snow License Manager which I cannot explain or solve:   There are three virtual servers that each have a SQL Server Enterprise 2014 Core installation. Sufficient (4) SQL Server 201...
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  • Device Status in Active Directory

    Hi there,   A device which is disabled in Active Directory but it still shows in SNOW SMACC Discovery part(AD and SIM computers).  Is it a normal practice for the Active Directory Connector ?  If yes, ...
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  • Service Gateway Not Visible in main inventory server SMACC

    Do we need to do any additional configuration after installation of Service Gateway?  I see the gateway was successfully installed , but I still don't see it under Inventory Tab in SMACC. I have installed sn...
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  • Setup of Adobe Creative Cloud Connector

    Dear Snow Users,   I'm currently struggeling with the setup of the Adobe Cloud Connector. I set up the connector as described in the User Guide. Everything is fine and the "test connection" also was po...
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  • ERROR SnowSoftware.ExternalDataProvider.Aggregator

    I am getting "ERROR SnowSoftware.ExternalDataProvider.Aggregator".  I had configured the Snow External Data Aggregator service to run though a particular account to configure O365 Connector over proxy. The servic...
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  • Additional IP not reflecting in SLM

    We have one Linux server which already reporting to snow on daily basis. So now we have assigned one additional IP to that same server, However the second IP is not reflecting in SNOW Inventory server/SLM. We have cre...
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  • Inventory of SSL certificates

    Is it possible to make an inventory of SSL certificates on Windows Servers? This way we can monitor expire dates.   We now use WINRM (Windows Remote Management) to query certificates, but that is not p...
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  • Adding qty in an existing license with different purchase date

    Hi all,   I am working on SLM 8.3.11 and need your assistance in a case where I would like to increase the qty in existing license but with a different purchase date. When I edit the existing license then I tol...
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  • Handshake Error to Snow Inventory

    Since a few days our devices can't send their inventory file to Snow Inventory Server anymore. If we use the endpoint check URL we get the following error: "Turn on TLS 1.0, TLS 1.1, and TLS 1.2 in Advanced settings ...
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  • Duplicate objects in SLM

    Hi,   Have any one else discovered that there are duplicates values in License Manager? We are running SLM 9.4.1/9.5.1 on several of our customers and the results are the same: With ex Azure Discovery, there are...
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  • Windows 10 Migration

    Our organization is currently migrating all of our machines to windows 10. Today we have found a pretty concerning issue that my team is unsure about. Let me break it down. We have machines that when their deice gets ...
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  • Uninstall does not remove folder path

    Hi,   Can someone tell me the correct way to uninstall the agent to leave no trace?   Here are the steps in my testing:   I install the msi via Admin Powershell or CMD ".\snowagent-6.0.2.x64.msi /qui...
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  • Snow Agent - error - not Win32 app

    I installed Snow Inventory Agent 6.0.2_x86 on Windows 2003 Server Service Pack 2 v.5583. The service is set to run Automatically but does not start. Starting the service manually a pop-up says this is not a Win32 app....
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  • Devices with agents - do they need device CAL licences?

    Hi, in theory, snow agent, installed on devices is causing access to Windows Server, where Snow Inventory resides. Trigers this need for device CAL licenses there or not please?
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  • System Requirements for SLM/SI on Azure

    Setting up servers on Azure.   Customer would like to setup SLM/SI on Azure..Customer has 100K endpoints   What is the minimum A-N-Series VM server they may install? Can the same series be used for the App...
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  • How do I know if the Windows Snow Agent 6.3.0x64.msi is set to uninstall old inventory client?

    Hello Snow!   I requested from Support to provide the latest Windows agent with setting "Overwrite/uninstall old version" to ACTIVE. However, the agent is not uninstalling the old client. I am not sure if the su...
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