• SNOW INV Server not receiving SNOWPACK Files

    New problem of the week. Something changed over the weekend on our SNOW Inventory Server. It is not accepting SNOWpack files. In other words, nothing showing up in the processing folder.   Manually aggregating a...
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  • Not possible to archive\delete - slm 9.5

    Hi All,   Can someone confirm if there are again issues to Archive\Delete computers?   I'm facing issues since SLM 9.5 update  where the process gets the following error and the machines are not archi...
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  • Computers Assigned to a License

    Hello,   Can anyone point me in the direction of a report in Snow that can display all computers/datacenters that are assigned to a license?   As far as I can see, there is only a report for the licenses a...
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  • Windows Server license requirements disappeared

    We are on SLM 9.2. Some days later we noticed that our compliance reports or also the license tracking per computer report do not show any license requirement for our WIndows Servers any more. The license requirement...
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  • OpenStack Computers

    Hello everyone, I'm working on SLM implementation and my organization has an OpenStack environment.   We know that SLM doesn't support this hypervisor technology yet, but I would like to know if is possible to...
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  • MLS Import has broken Snow

    Hi,   I have imported an MLS with all agreements and just 1 license (as a test) and now I am unable to list all agreements.    Additionally, the import has duplicated a Microsoft Visio Online Plan 2 l...
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  • Inventory Services - passing parameters

    Hi oskar.frolin2,   thanks for your detailed posting about Inventory Services. I was able to setup a service to show the user all devices where his user account is set as "ManageyBy" and I've added a workflow to...
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  • License report - Inc Assignment Type AND License ID

    Hello,   Does anyone know how to pull a report from SLM or SQL that includes the assignment type and license ID?   List all licenses has the license ID and all licenses (from the reports section) has assig...
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  • If I delete a user and they log in again, will they reappear in Snow?

    Thanks in advance
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  • License allocation CIS Suite - Windows Server

    Hello everybody, we license areas of our data centers via CIS-Suite Datacenter. In SNOW the content of the CIS Suite is displayed:   Now we have acquired the licenses and the required objects     ...
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  • .INV files hanging SNOW Inventory Server

    Has anyone had a problem with some .INV files (from connectors) hanging their SNOW Inventory Server? It is not all .INV files, just varies. These are in the Processing folder.    The RAM first starts to cre...
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  • Snow-report about new versions of applications

    Hi all   We have a policy at our department that tell us  we always shall have updated software (at least a few version back). We have also many applications, and it take long time to investigate if t...
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  • Office 365 Connector Configuration

    How and who can create Microsoft Office 365 user account which required to configure office 365 Connector?  
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  • Duplicate Computers by Hostname

    We have a serious problem with duplicates computers by hostname showing up in SLM. The solution of deleting the "old" one from SLM isn't an option as we lose every time the information previously attached like licens...
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  • Change assignment type to computer - SQL

    Hi Snowers,   Trying to do a simple task of change the assignment type of around 5k licenses from Organisation to Computer\Datacenter.   I've used the query "update tblLicense Set AssignmentType = 1 where ...
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  • Mac Java JRE not identified?

    SIS doesn't appear to be recognising the latest commercially licensed Java JRE when installed on Apple hardware.   Does anyone know if this is intentional?  Is anyone else experiencing an incomplete i...
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  • Oracle  - Add Software Update License & Support (SULS)

    Hi everyone,  as a new SLM user I can´t find any guidline how to add a yearly ordered Oracle Software License Update & Support to an existing license. How can I link these SULS to a license? THX Stef...
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  • How to discover Google cloud applications in Snow like Gsuite and other applications.

    I would like to view the Gcuite application metering reports and other details related to Goold cloud applications. Please let me know how can I discover this in Snow.   Best Regards Venu
    created by venu1993
  • Cannot get Snow to send emails

    Hello, I am trying to get Snow to send emails - reports, alerts, forgotten password, etc. I have configured the SMTP settings within the SMACC but cannot get mail to work.   I know the SMTP server details are co...
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  • Power Bi as base for Reports

    Hi All,   Does somebody already use Power Bi to get more out of Snow License Manager? What we are looking for are some reports dat already setup in Power Bi so we can easily use that. There are many standard rep...
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