• KB articles missing images

    Can you see the images in this KB article? ServiceNow  I think we have this issue but I cannot perform the fixing steps because I cannot see the images
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  • Strange behaviour when "snowagent" detects windows registry key

    I've a strange behaviour of agent (windows) when registry keys are read. In the Inventory I can see the device with own applications, registry keys, etc... Next I delete, from Inventory, the device and after forced ...
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  • Creative Cloud connector activation

    After successfully configuring the new Creative Cloud connector and running a successful aggregation I can't find anything in SLM. Is there anything I forgot to configure? I still only get the presentation screen: ...
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  • Mac Java JRE not identified?

    SIS doesn't appear to be recognising the latest commercially licensed Java JRE when installed on Apple hardware.   Does anyone know if this is intentional?  Is anyone else experiencing an incomplete i...
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  • Adobe cloud connector

    Hi,   What is the status of your adobe cloud connector? If you are indeed planning on developing one as you were implying in below thread: https://community.snowsoftware.com/message/1913-adobe-cloud-connector-i...
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  • VM without physical Host

    Hi all, few of our virtual servers are listet as "not inventoried" in DC section...   ...although the virtual servers themselves are inventoried and also shown in computer list (without information of ph...
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  • Best practice of updating Snow Agent's for Android

    I have now a couple of different versions of the Snow Agent installed on our Android mobile devices - 5.1, 5.4, 5.5.0, 5.5.2 .... Most of them where installed as a APK from our server so are not updated with Google P...
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  • Snow Integration Manager - ESX Hosts

    Hi We use SIM v5 and we have setup and configured SIM so it can discover ESX machines in VMware.   The configuration for vSphere is correct, Server Name, Webservice URL, User and Password but it is not discover...
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  • Hyper-V connector Invalid Namespace error

    I am getting an "Invalid Namespace" error when trying to connect the Snow inventory server to a second domain, using the Microsoft Hyper-V connector. I can ping the server and I can login to it from the inventory serv...
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  • Licenses that allow TWO installs

    My organization is working on the compliance of various software and have same across an issue with the way Snow is calculating compliance. For example one of the applications is Adobe Acrobat DC Pro. This license all...
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  • No Access to the "User Guide – Web User Interface"

    Hi everyone,    I have the following problem:  I want to open the User Guide of the Snow License Manager (see screenshot 1). Afterwards a new tab opens, but the following message is accuring: "You do n...
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  • Inventory 6.0.4

    Hello,   Can I get link to download setup of Inventory Server 6.0.4 (Service Gateway).   Thank You, Mayank
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  • Error update Snow License Manager Enterprise Edition to v 9.1.00

    I get error message during update Snow License Manager Enterprise Edition to v 9.1.00 from GUI Snow Update Service: 2019-05-21 14:42:04,370 [1] INFO  SnowSoftware.Update.Gui.Threading.InstallationWorker [(null)]...
    created by olgaks
  • Snow update service failing to upgrade to SLM 9.1

    The Snow update service shows there are three available updates, but throws below error when trying to upgrade.    
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  • Int32 Overflow Errors in SLM SMACC

    Hi all,   For quite some time now I've struggled with Int32 overflow errors throughout the Snow License Manager SMACC:     I guess at some point the SoftwareChecksum value was stored as an Int3...
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  • Office 365 License Exclusion

    I was wondering if anyone new a way of excluding certain O365 Products from the dashboard. Currently it states only 1% assigned and 500k available due to Microsoft Teams Information worker coming up as 500k (well just...
    created by JColemanAG
  • Unrecognized SAP licenses

    Hello,   We have list of unrecognized SAP licenses:   Application name Snow App BusinessObjects App Interface DI Server ? Intelligent Search Language Process (Italian) ? Intelligent Search Language Process ...
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  • Mark as server

    There is anyway to change the "server" value for a computer marked as "no server"?  
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  • SLM Domain Login Failures

    Hi   I have some problems with logging into Snow with domain credentials.  Can someone please point me in the direction of where I could find any logs which would show authentication errors in SLM...
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  • Unrecognise Application

    Hello,   We are running with hosted SPE platform. Can we get report which are installed in customer's environment but not reflecting in SLM. We are setup with multitenant customer in hosted platform. &#...
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