• Software Reporting Install/Usage Issue

    We are seeing an issue concerning SLM application reporting where an increasing number of products come up with zero installs or usage. An example is  Autodesk’s AutoCAD software. No ins...
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  • Where is inventory coming from?

    Hi All, Can someone tell me a way to determine if the endpoint inventory file has been sent via the Service Gateway or via the Internet please?   Cheers Shaz
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  • SNOW license terms / EULA

    Hi all where do I find the actual standard license terms and EULAs for SNOW products? I would expect to find them on the webpage of SNOW, but I could not find it. Any other source except SNOW Sales?   Best re...
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  • Innotek GMBH Serial Numbers = 0?

    I just have discovered that our Windows Inventory Clients are not detecting the serial numbers of servers whose Manufacturer field = "innotek GMBH", with model = "VirtualBox". Serial number reports as "0". We are runn...
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  • Unable to Import Licences

    The simple fact is that on the front-end of SNOW, we are unable to import licences.   When using the import template provided by SNOW, we input all the details and begin to import it and none of the rows are hig...
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  • Are Software license key captured in Snow?

    Does Snow has the capability of capturing the license keys for installed software products? If yes, do we need to make some changes in the config file or customisation? 
    created by Sachin
  • Enable OMO in SPE Platform

    Hi Folks, can anyone explain me or any document that how we can enabled OMO option at SPE platform to get all details about Oracle DB and Instances? Thanks in Advance
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  • How do I know if the Windows Snow Agent 6.3.0x64.msi is set to uninstall old inventory client?

    Hello Snow!   I requested from Support to provide the latest Windows agent with setting "Overwrite/uninstall old version" to ACTIVE. However, the agent is not uninstalling the old client. I am not sure if the su...
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  • Windows Server compliance

    Hi Experts, Has anyone been using successfully the new reports "Windows Server Assessment 201X" ? I see that the vast majority of my physical hosts report 0 running VMs along with the remark that those hosts have "s...
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  • Add license manual

    Hi everyone,   I am a newbie in Snow and licensing, so don't be very rough with me, please   I am interesting maybe somewhere exist something like a manual or guide with the details about h...
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  • SAS products in SNOW

    Hello, We are working adding our SAS products in SNOW. I have been checking the possible limitations of SNOW recognizing correctly SAS products and generating an accurate compliance analysis in the tool but the docume...
    created by VictorHidalgo
  • Computers Assigned to a License

    Hello,   Can anyone point me in the direction of a report in Snow that can display all computers/datacenters that are assigned to a license?   As far as I can see, there is only a report for the licenses a...
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  • How to add Office 365 Cost Periods

    Hi I have the office 365 connector setup and showing in SLM, but i dont see any costs.  When i click the Total cost for the current month tab i see the below     Whereabouts would i need to go and s...
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  • File processing issue

    I can see that there are around 8000+ Files in snow inventory processing folder( C:\Program Files\Snow Software\Snow Inventory\Server\Incoming\data\processing), and its processing those files 1 by 1 so it takes too mu...
    created by VaibhavSutar
  • Visual Studio Compliance

    Why does SLM exclude unassigned licenses from compliance calculations ?   I have 835 available licenses of Visual Studio 2017 Professional Subscription. Out of these 167 are unassigned. Shouldn't I have +167 com...
    last modified by PrateekSri
  • ServceNow CMDB 3.3x_1 connector

    We have setup this connector.  All the test connections work.  When I do a manual aggregation it works fine.  However when the automated aggregation triggers it does not work and gives the following err...
    last modified by Carey
  • Apps Store Enrollment

    Hello We are trying to enable the App store enrollment or at least update it on the V6 cloud-hosted version using the domain admin utility but where we are supposed to add a domain it looks like:  I have trie...
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  • Alerts/Warnings from SIM when services stop working

    Hi, Does anyone have an idea if there is a possiblity to get alerted when SIM connectors stop working. For example the vsphere and the Office365 connectors sometimes lose their Connection in one way or Another, reaso...
  • Snow License Manager Active directory integration

    Hi, We have about 1000 users that needs access to login to the Snow License Manager. Is there any Active directory integration that can be done and provide access to certain AD group that would solve the requirement...
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  • Oracle User Creation Script

    Hello everybody, does anyone have a script with which you can automatically create an Oracle user with the required rights for the Snow Inventory Oracle Scanner? He must have several grants on the objects described i...
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