• computer not reflecting in SLM database

    One computer is got inventoried however not reflecting in SLM after multiple snow update job run.is there any way to scan or reflect that in slm so we can see on snowboard?
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  • Duplicate Computers by Hostname

    We have a serious problem with duplicates computers by hostname showing up in SLM. The solution of deleting the "old" one from SLM isn't an option as we lose every time the information previously attached like licens...
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  • Introducing the Cloud Rules Creator

    How to implement your own local cloud rules.   Background It was always possible to detect the usage of websites using web metering and customers had to enter their own patterns. This older version did not show t...
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  • Snow and Inuvika

    Hi All Does anyone else have any experience of using SNOW with Inuvika? It's a cheaper VDI solution like Xenapp/serve etc. Wondering what data you could get in SLM regarding the agent such as host and device id...
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  • Hyper-Threading

    Hello, Is it possible to check in SLM if a Host has HT technology? If yes, where?   Would be possible to pull a report with that type of info?   Thanks.
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  • Agents with SIOS and OpenJava

    Hi everybody, all our distributed agents (for servers) are enabled to scan Oracle databases (sios)  - platforms: Windows and Unix (Linux, AIX, Solaris). Prerequisite for the Oracle script is Java - we're curre...
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  • Snow License Manager usability survey report results

    Hi Snow Globe, as you know, we launched a SLM usability survey in summer, to get a better understanding of the everyday usage and experience of working in Snow License Manager. The User Experience team have...
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  • Does Snow use Java at any level?

    Hi, Do Snow use java at any level? getting these entries in logging regarding survey of java use:  sios.jar -c snowagent.config -data-dir C    
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  • Unclear definitions: Inventoried - last scanned - unused...

    Hello everyone!   I'm pretty new to Snow and haven't even yet had my introduction course which is planned for the near future. However, there is a necessity for me to clarify a few points and I can't wait until...
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  • User missing from "users" list

    I have a question about a "missing" user. We have a computer that was archived in April (6 months ago) due to not connecting to the network. Now the user does not appear in the "users" list, despite the users not bein...
    Paul Smith
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  • Where can I download the latest RevivalEngine.xml and APK from?

    Hi,   Where can I download the latest RevivalEngine.xml and snow APK? I know that under https://m.snow.dm/dl/latest/snow.apk should be/is the latest APK, but I need the corresponding Revival...
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  • RFC Authorization Problem

    Starting the job swarms for loading data from datasources jobs in some systems terminate with error: Data source SID/clt/inst: No authorization to read table TUL_CONTROL or Data source SID/clt/inst: No: Keine RFC-B...
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  • Licenses Which are Auto-allocated

    Hi there,   Is it possible to pull a report that shows for the licenses which are being-allocated, how many are actually being used/assigned to an asset?   If we use the "unassigned licenses" report these ...
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  • SLM reinstall

    Hi!   Is it possible to re-install SLM application without database removing?    Best regards, Viktors
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  • Applying an Software Owner

    Is there a way to apply a System Owner to an entire software manufacturer such as Adobe or Microsoft, without having to apply it to each individual application title? 
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  • Shared SQL Server for Snow

    Hello!   Is shared SQL Server scenario supported by Snow? If yes, are there any limitations? We are interested in scenarion "single Snow Server + shared SQL Server"   Best regards, Viktors
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  • User bench-marking

    Hello,   Is there anything along the lines of a couple of companies that has had Snow installed for a few years, an opportunity to share how they do “Snow” business?   I need to better understa...
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  • Discussion: What does Brexit mean for technology assets?

    Another vote, another stalemate. There is still no definitive conclusion on Brexit or exact guidance on how it will impact technology licenses. And it is clear the uncertainty and an inability to prepare has already h...
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  • Possibility of unidirectional communication between Service Gateway and Master Inventory

    Hello everyone,   so today a customer asked me whether the communication between the Master Inventory and the Service Gateway is bidircetional or unidirectional. A little background to this question. The custo...
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  • Column identifier in All Oracle databases report

    What is the content of column identifier in "All Oracle databases" report? Maybe <DBID>_<ORACLE_SID>_... We have an issue with multiple database occurences always with the same ORACLE_SID but id...
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