• SMACC: rule hit rates suddenly show ZERO

    Has anyone made an experience like this? We are on SLM 9.1.0.   We make perpetual snapshots of our application portfolio (installation >0). Since last snapshot we see a decrease of 20%. A comparision leads...
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  • No Heartbeat: Why?

    I see that I have a lot of computers that scan/report properly, they get agent and config updates, but they show no heartbeat in the Inventory SMACC. If I launch a scan on one of them from the SMACC, it reports back a...
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  • SNOW Agent 6.2.0 and PowerShell version issue

    I wanted to bring this issue to everyone's attention. Especially if you are using PowerShell scripts in your SNOW Agent. We recently started rolling out SNOW Agent version 6.2.0. We have 6 PowerShell scripts as part o...
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  • Latest SIM and 365 Permission errors

    Hi everyone, wanted to ask here first while opening a ticket as well to see if there was a quick documented way for setting up permissions for 365. Each customer seems to want to do the permissions slightly different ...
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  • O365 Users Linking

    Hello,   Is there any procedure to link users to O365 apart from manual linking in SLM. There is only 50% of user linking to O365 connector.   Kind Regards, Mayank
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  • Windows Server compliance changes, SLM 9.2.X

    The purpose of this post is to offer a high-level explanation of the changes that has been made in Windows Server compliance as a part of Snow License Manager 9.2 and how the changes impact the license requirements fo...
    created by mikael.ahlgren
  • E1 versus E3 licensing

    Hi all, Microsoft licensing can be split in many ways, one of the ways in can be split is when you have users on multiple PC's against users on single PC's So far I have had to run the queries for this from SQL...
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  • Serial numbers/license keys

    For a given computer based licensed application, want to check if Snow could report license keys that is entitled to a Computer. Essentially combine the following in to one and generate a report to find the Computers...
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  • Create a Bundle or license individually?

    Have a question for anyone who may have ran into this before. We have a couple of applications from various vendors that we bought as a "bundle". However, SNOW doesn't recognize the individual apps as a bundle. S...
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  • Computer Discovery Widget

    Can any Snow folk let us know if they believe the Computer Discovery widget is returning accurate figures as yet please?   Some time back, maybe over a year, we were told the widget wasn't working well and a bug...
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  • Call to action: SLM Survey

    Updated email address. If you were not able to contact us by email in the past days, please try again now. Thank you. Dear SnowGlobe users, we are glad to invite you to participate to our survey on Snow License Man...
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  • Two SGS / Forwarding snowpacks two directions

    Hi all, I'm wondering if someone already has experience with two SGS installations on the same server? What I want to do: one SGS is the master. But the data is arriving into kind of temp folder. The data into this ...
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  • Managing Compliance position with Microsoft Office 365

    Hello,   I want to be able to manage my M365 licenses (covering Office and Windows OS). I can use the connector that works fine for me for monitoring and optimization.   But for compliance, if I go to the ...
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  • Unable to save reports to a shared location

    Is there an issue with saving reports to a shared location? I am generating a report to save to a shared location but it's not working for me, I have full read/write access to this location and am putting in the cor...
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  • SI6 Standalone Receiver - How to update?

    Hi community,   I've recently installed my first instance of a Standalone Receiver. I installed it using the 6.0.0 installer, and I realized that there is no Snow Update Service installed on that machine.  ...
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  • configure service gateway to use a proxy server

    Hello community,   how do I configure a service gateway located in a customer network to use a proxy server with authentification for outgoing communication?   The following answer from the snow support do...
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  • Historic Reporting

    Hi All,   I have been asked to use Snow to give a report of all Microsoft Software installed upon our estate at a set date (April 2018). I have a very basic knowledge of SLM but from looking through the re...
    created by Bibbs
  • Web Application rule problems

    Hi,   We noticed that our Web Applications are no longer getting detected, although everything looks like it should be working. For example, our webapps.config files on the agents are updating correctly. If I co...
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  • Snowpack gathering into Error Folder

    Hi,   I have found so many snowpack files gathering into Error folder with below error:   Anyone also faced this and if yes, how overcome from this?   Thanks, Kishan Pant
  • SLM - License error after test migration

    Hello, we recently did a test upgrade from Snow Inventory 3.7 to 5 and SLM 7 to 8 using test licenses provided to us by our account manager. The migration itself was quite simple using the documentation and the wizar...
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