Web application metering configuration

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Server side configuration

To complete the installation of Inventory 5 together with Snow License Manager 8 we need to add an SLM Endpoint for web application metering. This is not done by default when creating an Inventory 5 Master Server.

Add the following text to snowserver.config usually stored in C:\Program Files\Snow Software\Snow Inventory\Server just above the </Configuration>-tag.

Please note that URL should point to the SLM web (in this case located on localhost).

<Module typeName="SnowSoftware.Inventory.Server.MasterServerModule">
<Setter propertyName="SnowLicenseManagerConfigurarionUri">"http://localhost/IDX/InventoryConfigUpdate.ashx"</Setter>

This will create a connection from Inventory 5 to where the configured web patterns in SLM are stored. 

Client side configuration

The second thing to do is to make sure IDX endpoint is added to the snowagent.config.
There are two ways to do this; from the admin console or in snowagent.config manually.

In the admin console:

Edit the configuration and add the system setting IDX_endpoint as the image below. It should point to the Inventory 5 server endpoint but with “/v1/inventory.ashx” added to the URL.

Manually in snowagent.config

Open the configuration file in a text editor and add the following line before the closing tag for SystemSettings (</SystemSettings>)

    <Setting key="idx.endpoint" value="" />


Please note that the URL should point to your Inventory 5 Server Endpoint (in this case on port 81).

If everything work as it should, a webapps.config file with the web patterns should appear on each inventory agent after a few hours.



  • First make sure you have the settings in snowserver.config correctly and that the URL points to the SLM web
  • Confirm that the IDX setting is available in the agent configuration file (snowagent.config) and it points to the Snow Inventory server
  • Confirm that the patterns in SLM are correct (for example www.google.com, no subsites are supported)
  • Make sure the webapps.config file is present in the agent directory
  • Run snowagent.config in verbose logging mode to see if web patterns are populated
  • Check the view for inv.DataWebApplicationMeteringView2 in SQL to confirm that metering is available
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