How to Override a Global No License Required Application

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Applications and rules supplied by the Software Recognition Service (SRS) cannot be deleted. If you want to create an own local version of a global application or adjust the rules for a global application, you have to override the assigned software. The SRS definition will then become inactive. If the local application for some reason is removed later on, the SRS application will be enabled again.

To override a global application that does not require a license:

  1. Log in to Snow Management and Configuration Center.
  2. In the category menu, expand Software recognition, and then click Application definitions.
  3. Select the application to be overridden in the Applications list.

  4. Click Override Application, or right-click the application and then click Override Application.
    The Override Application dialog box appears.

The application does not require a license, so no information needs to be added or changed in the Override Application dialog box.

  1. Click OK to save the new application and close the Override Application dialog box.
    The new application is added to the Applications list and the overridden application is strikethrough.

  2. In the Unassigned Inventoried Software list, search for the software row, for example by typing a search criterion in the Executable Path
  3. Click on the software row and then click New Rule From Selected.
    The Rule dialog box appears, and fields with common contents are automatically completed.

  4. Enter information to set up the new rule and then click OK.
    The rule is displayed in the Rules assigned to The rule that previously was associated with the global application is now associated with the local application.
  5. Repeat step 7 and 8 to associate another rule to the local application.
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