Oracle Database Discovery and Scanning

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How to Guide - Oracle Database

Snow has the ability to both discover and scan Oracle Databases, but its not quite as automatic as the rest of Snow.


Included as standard at no extra cost:

1. The standard Snow agent (Windows, Linux, Unix) essentially looks for markers of an Oracle Database (TNSNames usually) in order to tell if there COULD be an oracle Database present.

2. Any servers that have the marker show up in the 'Discovered Oracle Database Installations' report (see Below).
Discovered Oracle Databases

NOTE - You will NOT see Oracle Database in the 'all applications' list. The only place to see this information is in the report above.

EXCEPTION - If the Inventory Data Feed is from a source that provides Recognised applications (e.g. iQuate, ADDM) you may see 'Oracle Database xxx' in your all applications list (see example below). This is because pre-recognised applications Bypass the DIS (SRS) and so are included.


Oracle Management Option (OMO) - Paid for Option

1. OMO is an add-on to the existing agent. If you have Inventory 5 this can be turned on remotely. (For Inventory 3 you must deploy a new agent with OMO enabled)

2. OMO requires JAVA to run. This can be on the Server itself, or you can run the agent in Zero Footprint mode (thus using Java on the remote server, not the Server that needs to be scanned)

3. Once the OMO has scanned the Data is processed into Inventory and ultimately Snow License Manager -> Applications -> Oracle Products and List all Oracle Databases.


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