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I've had a couple of customers ask if it is possible to show compliance reports for Oracle E-Business Suite. Even though this is not an automated process, it can certainly be done. 


Oracle E-Business Suite is a set of intergrated business applications for Service Managent, Human Resource Management, Financial management, etc. The products are usually licensed through the responsibilities that users have within the application. Metrics for the licenses are not always (easily) measured and include:

- $M Freight Under Mgt 

- $M Cost of Goods Sold

- $M in Revenue

- Application User

- Record

- Trainee

- Employee

- Processor

and a lot more. 


As this licenses usually refer to the access that you have in E-BS, you won't find these as seperate applications during an inventory scan. But you are able to show them in Snow through CCV. 


Let's assume that you have licensed the E-Business Suite module: Human Resources under the Employee metric. The definition of this metric is:


   Employee: is defined as (1) all of your full-time, part-time, temporary employees, and (2) all of your agents, contractors and consultants who have access to, use, or are tracked by the Oracle    Programs. The quantity of the licenses required is determined by the number of Employees and not the actual number of users. In addition, if you elect to outsource any business function(s) to    another company, the following must be counted for purposes of determining the number of Employees: all of the company's full-time employees, part-time employees, temporary employees,    agents, contractors and consultants that (1) are providing the outsourcing services and (2) have access to, use, or are tracked by the programs. 


As you can see, this is not something that can easily be "measured". This value will have to be based on a number that is gathered through other means than an inventory scan. Even so, once this number has been determined, you may want to see what the compliance value for this license is. 


How this can be achieved is as follows:


Create a custom compare value. I've used Employee here for the EBS module “Human Resources”, but you can make this anything that makes sense to you. We will not use a custom field for compliance here.

Create CCV


Search for the application Oracle EBS (HR) Human Resources, and set include applications that are not installed/used equal to yes. 




Select and edit this application and under License Settings change the metric to Custom compare values, and the Custom compare value type to the ccv type we just created: "Employees" 


edit application


Under Compare Values, set the values per organisation that were gathered before (I've just put 100 here).


employee numbers


Save the application and then choose Add application license. I've added 99 licenses here. 


add application license

Save the license and recalculate compliance. If you go to the application, it should give you a compliance figure for Oracle EBS (HR) Human Resources of -1




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