Customising an out of the box Snow report.

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Sounds like it should be an easy thing doesn’t it, there is an out of the box report which is almost what you need, you just need to add in a couple of additional columns, unfortunately they are not available in the column selector so you just can’t do it.

Almost all of the Snow out of the box reports are stored procedures, and all of the Snow stored procedures are encrypted, so you can’t actually see what they are doing.

This leaves you with two choices, both with pros and cons.

1)   Create your own report from scratch and forget that Snow ever had an out of the box report.This will take you some time, you will need to work out where to find all the data you require for your report, and you will have to write your own SQL with all the required joins to give you all the data you require. However once it is done it should continue to work unless Snow massively change the format of the tables between releases.


For an example look at this post:


2)   You “run” the snow report within your SQL, then manipulate the data and display the results, hence having a custom report that is based on the out of the box Snow report.  This will save you time on the programing side, you don’t need to understand where the data is coming from, particularly if you are working with compliance data etc. Snow have already done all this hard work for you, so why reinvent it. However as the procedures are encrypted, our only option is to create a temporary table with the same structure as the output of the stored procedure so we have somewhere to store the output, Snow frequently change the stored procedures with each release, so you would need to test and update your custom report after each Snow update has been applied. 


For an example look at this post:

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