Remote or Disconnected Networks and Snow Inventory

Document created by marc.farmen Employee on Dec 21, 2017
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Snow offers several ways to connect remote or disconnected networks. The below options outline three of the most popular methods from our customers.


  1. Snow Gateway Server – This is basically a small Snow Inventory Server that can:
    1. Synchronize Snow Inventory Agent version release
    2. Distribute new Snow Inventory Agents
    3. Collect Snow Inventory Agent data and forward to main Snow Inventory Server
    4. Dose not need IIS
    5. Can use HTTP or HTTPS
    6. Proxy Servers are supported
    7. Perform local network discovery and send back to main Snow Inventory Server
    8. Dose not need a separate SQL database
  2. Snow Integration Manager – Inventory File Forwarder plugin
    1. Small foot print than Snow Gateway Server
    2. Received data from a HTTP or HTTPS port on IIS server to local directory
    3. Take local Inventory files and forward them to a HTTP or HTTPS port on Snow Inventory Server
    4. Requires the install of Snow Inventor Data Receiver
    5. Requires IIS to receive files from Snow Inventory Agents
    6. Dose not need a separate SQL database
    7. Proxy Servers are supported
  3. Snow Inventory Agent – Direct Communication
    1. Must allow outbound traffic from devices to HTTP or HTTPS address on Snow Inventory Server
    2. No SQL database
    3. No need for additional Server
    4. All communication is outbound with no incoming connections
    5. Small agent communications elevates network communication concerns