Snow Inventory 5 - List of Processed Clients

Document created by Oliver.Berger Employee on Feb 19, 2018
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Due to some changes in Snow Inventory 5 there is no nice log file containing the processing information. We are storing the Data in the Database, instead.


Use this query in SQL Server Management Studio, to see which Files was processed and the connected computer in Snow Inventory.


use SnowInventory

select c.HostName, cs.*, c.sitename, c.configname, c.Type, c.lastupdate, c.Manufacturer, c.model  from inv.ChangeSequenceNumber cs
inner join inv.DataClientView2     c on cs.ClientId = c.ClientId
where cs.ProcessingDate > DATEADD(day,-2,current_timestamp)
order by ProcessingDate desc


You can change the filter in row 6 as you like.

ProcessingDate is the timestamp, when the Inventory Server processed the specific file, not the LastScanDate of the Computer.


 Best Oliver