How do I get my IBM License Entitlement?

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IBM Software Licensing can be difficult to track down in many organisations and many times the SAM team are the last to find out about any changes or maybe only have the latest renewal notifications. This does not need to be the case.


IBM keeps all their Customers data in their Passport Advantage System regardless of how it is purchase, either directly with IBM, through Passport Express or via a Reseller. Each purchase that relates to your Company will be stored in this Database. If IBM audit you this database will be the source of your entitlement for them and the auditors, The difficult part for many SAM teams is gaining access to it.

Firstly you need a IBM ID. That is free and doesn’t need any permissions or access rights to gain one, just go to the Passport Advantage Website and register as a new user.

The IBM Passport Advantage Website can be found at:-

IF you have a IBM ID login to the system and request access to your company’s entitlement,. This is where many people get stuck, but IBM allow more than one connection but the key point is to find who is the Primary contact in the company to give you the access. In most cases this will be a senior procurement officer or the CIO, but if you have multiple accounts with IBM it could be more than one person. At a basic level there might be 6 named individuals who have access. If you have had an audit from IBM the name on the Audit letter is most probably the Primary contact. If you cannot find out or they might have left the company, you may have to speak to IBM direct and get this changed, be warned this can be lengthy and requires written communication.


Once you have access to the entitlement, you will be presented with a list of Companies, Agreement Numbers and Sites that you can access. Select the Company or the Agreement number you want to examine or you select multiple sites. Please note that you need to be granted access to the accounts by your master contact or someone with administration rights. If you do not have access to all the sites your view may not be complete. Now you can choose from this menu, which may be restricted depending upon your access rights.


The Reporting section allows you to view the current entitlement, your complete order history, future and maintained products and any migrations made. It can also provide a list of who downloaded what software. 

The Entitlements section would enable you to download each products Proof of Entitlement and these can be stored in Snow License Manager.

If you are the Primary Contact or have sufficient rights you can through the Account Management section deny or grant access.


Once you have entered the IBM Passport Advantage reporting section it asks you to limit how much you wish to see for the selected agreements, from everything to just the past month.

you must complete the form fully


Selecting the earliest date possible can help you to understand any legacy entitlements that you may still have or could perhaps reinstate and upgrade if you need more licenses, at 22% it is a lot cheaper than buying new and for really old software IBM may also reinstate them (at 40%+) but be warned this can mean a lot of date to work through and a lot of product upgrades to deal with.

You now have 3 options, a summary or a detailed report that is displayed on the screen but can be downloaded, or you can save these selections as the default.

Once you have selected the dates select which report style you wish to see and it will then give you the change to download or just view.


If you choose to download the report it will ask you what format you would prefer, CSV or XML always works.

Mastering these reports will ensure your IBM Licensing data is always up to date, and once you have your IBM report you can start to add the products to Snow License Manager by SKU or Application Name.