HowTo schedule the compliance calculations in Snow License Manager

Document created by roland.meier3 Employee on Apr 20, 2018
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Is the hourly compliance check taking up too much time and effort?


Would you like to reduce the number of times it runs or when it runs?


Do you click on “Recalculate compliance” after adding/changing any license details anyway?




The configuration file for these settings can be found here:


C:\Program Files\Snow Software\Snow License Manager\Services\Licensing


The relevant part is at the bottom with the following standard content (including important notes):

        Compliance and Requirements schedule that will run at the specified local times each day,
        for example 00:00 for midnight, 14:00 for two in the afternoon.
        Empty or not existing will disable scheduling.
        Time must be a value higher or equal to 00:00 and less than 24:00.
        Type can be either Requirements or RequirementsAndCompliance.
        If waitForDataUpdateJob is set to true, and data update job is in progress, compliance service will wait for data update job to finish
        before starting the calculation task. If waitForDataUpdateJob is not present or set to false, and data update job is in progress,
        the calculation task will be skipped and not be run. Typically you want to ensure that a RequirementsAndCompliance task
        is run at least once each day, regardless if data update job takes a long time or not.
        <task time="06:00" type="RequirementsAndCompliance" waitForDataUpdateJob="true" />
        <task time="07:00" type="Requirements" />
        <task time="08:00" type="Requirements" />
        <task time="09:00" type="Requirements" />
        <task time="10:00" type="Requirements" />
        <task time="11:00" type="Requirements" />
        <task time="12:00" type="Requirements" />
        <task time="13:00" type="Requirements" />
        <task time="14:00" type="Requirements" />
        <task time="15:00" type="Requirements" />
        <task time="16:00" type="Requirements" />
        <task time="17:00" type="Requirements" />
        <task time="18:00" type="Requirements" />
        <task time="19:00" type="Requirements" />


Please always remember to make a backup of the original file before you implement changes.



        <task time="08:00" type="RequirementsAndCompliance" waitForDataUpdateJob="true" />
        <task time="12:00" type="Requirements" />
        <task time="16:00" type="Requirements" />