Comparison of measuring the cloud with Snow

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There are three basic methods of finding out which online resources have been accesses: “Web applications”, “Cloud App Metering” and the relevant SIM connector(s).


Depending on your company's requirements/restrictions, these can be used individually, in any combination or even all of them together.


1.) “Web applications”: are set using SLM, and add a file named “webapps.config” to the Snow Inventory Agents. When a link in this config is called up from the computer, and metering is active, this will be logged and later shown in SLM. (The application is automatically generated in SLM once the first hit has been recorded.)


2.) “Cloud App Metering”: can be activated in SMACC since Snow Inventory Server 5. The main file is named “webmetering.rules” in the defined group of Snow Inventory Agents. This file contains the preset rules from DIS that are also used to identify where the connection was made into the internet.


3.) SIM connectors: these can be added, edited and/or deleted in the Snow Integration Manager. Each connector is a view behind the relevant online curtain and collects the data from inside the online service itself. The collected data can then be merged with existing data in the Snow databases to allow a better view of all the functions of the online service. Each SIM connector can deliver the data to a different space in SLM.


This is merely a short overview, and for more detailled information you can contact your local Snow consultant.

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