Advocate of the Month - September 2018

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ScouseSAMLiverpool City Council 

Advocate of the month - September 2018 
Advocate Level: Snow Pro



A little over three years ago I hadn’t even heard the term “Software Asset Management”. I was in a Senior Sales role at the retailer Game. When progression came to a bit of a dead end there I wanted to do more, move out of a job and into a career.


I left my job (and the sweet discount I got on video games), packed up my things and took a gamble on a three-year ICT Assurance Apprenticeship with Liverpool City Council (LCC). LCC is a very complex environment, especially where SAM is concerned. I would liken it to working for/ in several organisations at once. The council runs the city, so as ICT we support and facilitate everything that goes into that. Everything from social workers and benefits to courthouses and crematoriums. Schools and libraries to highways maintenance, elections, cultural events, arenas, children’s services… the list goes on. Every one of these areas have different needs, different priorities and different budgets which presents some unique challenges for Software Asset Management.


After a short stint on the service desk I moved over to the ICT Transition Team where I began working on Hardware Asset Management. I learned a lot from the Asset Manager and before long I was looking for a new string to add to my bow. This is where my journey into the world of Software Asset Management really began.


Before I knew it, SAM and I had just clicked. It clicked so much that it took over my apprenticeship and I moved away from an Assurance Apprentice and became something of a self-styled "SAM Apprentice" dedicating two of the three years of the apprenticeship in that area. Before my apprenticeship reached its conclusion, I was offered a permanent position and the rest is history!


For me, SAM and Snow go hand in hand. Having no experience of SAM at all, Snow massively facilitated my learning. I stacked up on training such as various ITIL courses, IAITAM (CSAM) and of course, Snow’s own training and was able to immediately take what I had learned and incorporate it into the organisation through Snow License Manager.


Snow enabled us to move away from reactive Software Asset Management to being proactive in many ways. Through having pretty much our entire license entitlement recorded in Snow License Manager and being able to use that data to make better decisions we save both time and money.


Snow has also helped us to oversee something of a culture change in our organisation. We’re better informed by “techies” – they no longer tend to do what they like and have now bought into the relevance of SAM. There is virtually no bottleneck in our organisation where Software Asset Management or licensing is concerned, we are able to move things along very quickly.


I owe a lot to both the great people I have around me and to Snow for my rapid progression in the field of Software Asset Management.


On a personal note I am a massive Liverpool fan, Japanese language enthusiast and depending on who you ask (my wife), I spend far too much of my spare time playing video games!