What does device ownership allow you to do on Android devices?

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Device ownership on Android devices is a way of standardizing all Android devices to a single set of capable instructions. This helps to create the exact same user experience for each device no matter the version of Android running nor OEM changes to vanilla Android. It will allow the Snow application to become the device owner for the device and unlock more features of the device to control. This feature is only available when first setting up the phone. If this is not completed during this time, you will need a reset of the device to allow you to set up a device ownership profile.



                For the Snow application to be configured with device ownership, you will need to at first ensure that the device is being set up from the very beginning. This could mean a factory reset of the device so please ensure data will be backed up.

Once you have done this to you will need a device already enrolled in Snow. You will need to send down the configuration ‘Activate NFC provisioning’ to this device. Once this is sent down with the relevant configurations needed, you are ready to activate your new mobile device.

                On the device you deployed the package to click ‘Validate URL’ from within the Snow app and this should succeed. Go through the set up on the new device until you can see NFC provisioning. You can now bump the device with your enrolled device and it will transfer the settings to the new device. You can now complete the setup, and you will immediately see the device will no longer have OEM apps and look a lot cleaner.


Device Ownership mode

                The device now will be in device ownership mode. The app will be installed on the device and you can enrol it freely into the system. The device will be locked down already with fewer apps available to the end user, but mode importantly, no matter what device you have now has the same level of security benefits as each other. This will allow all policies to standardize across your Android estate. In SDM please look out for the policies showing device owner as these will also work on your device. The ‘bloatware’ usually found on devices with OEM applications and various other pre-installed application are now removed.

                If there is no policy stopping the wiping of devices, you can remove device ownership from a device by factory resetting the device. You will lose all data from this device but will allow you to place the phone back into the standard out the box state.


Troubleshooting the set-up

                Common issues found when setting up the device ownership profile is the ability to configure the NFC package within SDM. The common issue is with the URL, and this will point to the specific download page of the Snow App. An example of this address could be https://staging.revivalmobile.net/dl/?rh=staging.revivalmobile.net:443/revival

If this address is incorrect please contact Snow Support who will be able to get the address from your server.

Another common issue you may find when setting up device ownership mode is that you have gone to far in the setup phase on the mobile device. If you are adding in Google accounts, or finalising the configuration you might need another restart.