Official Release announcement for Snow Automation Platform 3.3.0

Document created by Angela.Atkins1 Employee on Nov 9, 2018
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This version introduce various enhancements, like to simplify access to user and admin guides, and corrections, like applying a separate filter to parameters.

Release information

Product:                       Snow Automation Platform (AP)

New version:                3.3.0

Distribution:                 Snow Update Service (SUS) and MSI package

Current status:            Released



The following features has been added in Snow Automation Platform 3.3.0:

  • User and admin guides bundled in product 
    To simplify access to user and admin user guides, links to online documentation are now bundled with Snow Automation Platform. The guides are stored in a local sub-site and updated through SUS, providing users and admins with easy access to the most recent version of the documentation.
  • Logging of access changes
    To ensure that access changes made by an admin can be traced, all updates to roles and page permissions are logged, including what changes were made and by whom.
  • Logging of all administrative changes in the admin views
    To enable tracing of the administrative changes in Snow Automation Platform, a history of configuration changes is now saved.
  • Logging of denied API requests due to unauthorized user
    To enable tracing of unauthorized calls to the API, denied requests are now logged. The user and time stamp of denied calls are saved, identifying users attempting to access endpoints for which they don’t have privileges.
  • Using encryption to protect sensitive data
    The activities that make up a workflow rely on a number of parameter values, such as decommissioning dates for VMs, which are stored in a database. When an activity handles sensitive information, such as passwords, this data should be encrypted when stored. A new feature has been added in activity admin, which enables parameters to be marked as sensitive via the parameter general tab. Sensitive parameters are encrypted when a request is submitted, and only members of the “ServiceAccounts” role can decrypt them.
  • New endpoint enables workflow trigger through the API
    The API has been extended to include a new endpoint, enabling external systems to submit service requests by invoking workflows directly through the API. As such, workflows can be triggered by events outside of Snow Automation Platform.
  • Export fail error messages enhanced 
    To support administrators in troubleshooting configuration errors that prevent export of services/workflows/activities in Snow Automation Platform, error messages now contain more details.



The following defect has been corrected in Snow Automation Platform 3.3.0:

  • Correction of parameter filtering in admin views 
    Using filters to refine the search for an activity, for example, automatically applied the same filter to the list of parameters in the activity – making configuration confusing. A separate filter now applies to parameters.
  • Logging for scheduled PowerShell scripts 
    Messages generated by scheduled PowerShell are now logged in the activity log of the scheduled task.
  • Fixed input directive no longer raises an error for empty arrays 
    The fixed input directive “Read only string array” no longer raises an error when this directive is applied to empty arrays.