Official release of Snow Automation Platform 3.4.1

Document created by Angela.Atkins1 Employee on Nov 9, 2018
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This release introduce new features and corrections, like responsive checkout and support for SLM Automation Book version 2.


Release information 

Product:                        Snow Automation Platform (AP)
New version:                 3.4.1
Distribution:                  Snow Update Service (SUS)
Current status:              Released


The following features have been added to Snow Automation Platform, version 3.4.1:

  • Responsive checkout: shared parameters enabled 
    Cart item parameters can now be tagged as shared, so that they can be reused by other cart items, improving the responsive checkout experience. The interface prompts the user to input the data for a shared parameter once, automatically populating other instances with the value.
  • Support for Snow License Manager Automation Book version 2
    A PowerShell module has been added to support version 2 of the Automation Book for Snow License Manager.


The following defects have been corrected in Snow Automation Platform, version 3.4.1:

  • My tasks: sorting and dates
    Discrepancies between the desktop and responsive versions of the My tasks view in the sorting of categories and parameters have been resolved. And completion dates for tasks in the responsive version are now correct.
  • My services: HTML tags showing in Manage
    HTML tags no longer appear in the description field under Manage/My services.
  • My services: sorting of parameters
    Categories are now shown in alphabetical/numerical order.
  • Workflow engine: scripts prompting for parameters no longer hangs
    The workflow engine of Snow Automation Platform runs workflows in the background. Workflows can be scheduled and sometimes run because of a user-placed order. PowerShell scripts requiring input were causing the workflow to hang forever, as it is not possible to provide user input to tasks
    Page running in the background. To solve the issue, PowerShell scripts are now run in non-interactive mode, so that appropriate error messages are generated, and the workflow is halted.
  • Graphical corrections in Start, My tasks, and Checkout
    Correction of icons and text alignment.
  • Input Directives: no longer possible to edit "snow-" input directives
    The Input Directives page allows users to edit input directives. To enable customers to avail of automatic updates through Snow Update Service (SUS) ensuring that local configuration files are not overwritten during an update, input directives named “snow-*” are reserved and cannot be edited.
  • My tasks: wrap text for long content
    Wrap text has been introduced to manage long content, which was previously shown with “…”.
  • Mobile | My Tasks: referencing Issue
    Unresolved referenced parameters in responsive version resulting in error messages has been corrected to ensure that full resolution takes place in the front end.
  • Export/import: issue with parameter references translation
    Internal references to PowerShell web services that do not translate, when for example moving the environment from test to production, have been resolved with Globally Unique Identifiers (GUIDs) to ensure correct translation.
  • Static value lists configured on workflow level does not get exported
    The static value list connected on workflow level causing an import crash that raises the error: Sequence contains no matching elements has been resolved. The static value list is now correctly identified, and the error is no longer raised on import.
  • Connected PowerShell web service does not show up in GUI after import
    Dropdown list for PowerShell web services no longer shows -Select- after import. The correct, user-selected service is now shown instead.