Official Release Snow Automation Platform 3.5.2

Document created by Angela.Atkins1 Employee on Nov 9, 2018
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This release introduce enhancements and corrections.
Please visit Snow Knowledge Base for release notes, technical documentation and further information about the release:
 Release Notes AP 3.5.2

Release Information


ProductSnow Automation Platform
New version:3.5.2
Distribution:Snow Update Services
Current Status:Released



The following enhancements have been added to Snow Automation Platform, version 3.5.2:

Input directives
The Checkbox string array now supports arrays.
The following updates have been made to Checkbox string array, Read only collapsible string array, and Read only string array:

  • When using PowerShell web services to populate data, the input directive now accepts normal PowerShell objects as input.
  • A blue loading icon is now shown to indicate that the system is waiting for a PowerShell web service to return data.
  • Input directives parameters with empty strings now are no longer sending “[]” as a parameter value to the PowerShell process on checkout, but an empty string – as expected.

Parameter configuration: Extended workflow parameter object (wpo) functionality

  • Parameters which reference an object property or are referenced by an object property could not be hidden on Checkout until now. In previous versions, an error message would show on the Request monitor page containing more information about the problem. Now that hidden properties are supported, parameters will be resolved after the request is submitted, and the error message no longer appears.
  • A new tab, Object properties, has been added to the PowerShell web servicepage. This tab enables users to enter property names for storage in the database, removing the need to enter them manually.


The following defects have been corrected in Snow Automation Platform, version 3.5.2:

  • Issues related to interface items Status and Save (not complete) not translating correctly have been resolved. These items were previously missing from the Translation overview page and have now been added, enabling users to translate them to their local language or terminology.
  • Parameters that are hidden on checkout and linked to PowerShell web services are now resolved correctly.
  • When the Enable Search setting is set to true or false, the search box on the start page now shows or hides respectively– as expected.
  • Issues related to the alphanumerical sorting of services in the responsive checkout view have now been resolved, so that items appear in the correct order, including those starting with a number.
  • The status of a request is now set to Error when at least one activity in the request is in Error.
  • When filtering activities on the Request monitor page on Error only the activities whose status are Error are shown. Previously, all the activities of a given request were displayed.
  • System failures caused by too many simultaneous login requests to the Snow Device Manager server, has been resolved by using a mutex. Each user will now wait until other users in the queue have successfully logged in before being granted access.
  • When viewing the result of a checkout in Request monitor, any shared parameters resolved by a PowerShell web service are now correctly resolved for all services included in the checkout.
  • Deleting the values for Inventory key and Service type of a service in the Instantiation tab no longer raises the Inventory key required error.
  • When quotation marks are included in search queries, an exception error is no longer raised and the quotation marks are ignored in the search, for Activity admin, Workflow admin, Service admin, Start page, PowerShell web services and Statistics.
  • When the default value of a setting in a template service is set to null, syncing services will now ensure that all services based on the template will also set the corresponding settings to null.