Official Release of Snow Automation Platform 3.6.0

Document created by Angela.Atkins1 Employee on Nov 9, 2018
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This release introduce features, enhancements and corrections.

Release Information

ProductSnow Automation Platform
New version3.6.0
Release DateAugust 23, 2018
DistributionSUS and MSI Setup
Current StatusReleased



The following features have been added in Snow Automation Platform, version 3.6.0:
On the Service and Workflow admin pages, step numbers have been introduced for activities. Visible in the
user interface in a small white box, these numbers represent the order in which activities occur in the
workflow. When activities are re-ordered, the step numbers change accordingly. The addition of step
numbers makes referencing activities easier and assists in troubleshooting.

A new Boolean setting AdminWPTags has been added to the Portal settings category. When set to true, a
new column WP-tags is added to the parameters table under Activity admin, Workflow admin, and Service

To make it easier to find information about Display name, Variable name Id, and MissitoID when invoking
workflows, this data is now accessible by selecting the small blue i icon, available on the following pages in
the user interface:

  • Activity/Service/Workflow admin → Workflow → Activity -> parameter → i icon next to Variable
  • Workflow admin → Workflow → Activity -> Activity settings -> i icon next to Display name
    (workflow activity).


The following enhancements have been added in Snow Automation Platform, version 3.6.0:

Parameter configuration

  • Hidden unresolved wpo references are now resolved as expected.
  • Support for hidden parameters with wpo tags has been strengthened to ensure that submitting
    two parameters, where one lacks a value, no longer leads to an empty box in My tasks page.
  • Services with many linked parameters in Checkout is now optimized, to ensure reduced load times.

Request Monitor – Display name and context-sensitive information

  • A search bar has been added to dropdown lists for activities and services that contain more than 8
    items. The search bar speeds up the search process, facilitating processing of large sets of data.
  • Parameter names are now shown as Display names, which can be created and customized by the
    user to improve readability.
  • An information icon now shows to the right of display names. When selected, a pop-up window will
    show more information, such as the parameter id, name, and description.


The following corrections have been made in Snow Automation Platform, version 3.6.0:

  • You can now resolve non-visible parameters through a connected PowerShell web service even if the
    selected input directive does not support PowerShell web services.
  • Errors logged and stored in System logs now include full error descriptions and exceptions, providing system
    administrators with more detailed information for troubleshooting.
  • When adding values to a Static value list for a parameter, Internet Explorer 11 users will no longer
    experience long Display names and Values beyond the boundaries of the pop-up window – longer
    sentences now wrap.
  • It is no longer possible to submit a request while parameters are still loading values from PowerShell or
    other web services.
  • It is no longer possible to interact with parameters using the Dropdown input directive until all the list values
    have been resolved by a PowerShell web service. The text Loading... is now displayed until the parameter
    has loaded all its values.
  • In Request monitor, filtering user names by backslash followed by the sensitive characters of t, r, n or v, now
    return requests as expected.
  • Where a PowerShell web service takes two or more input parameters, some hidden parameters without a
    value, are now invoked as expected.
  • Parameters using the dropdown input directives that load values from a PowerShell web service can now be
    referenced by jsonProperties/wpo-tags.
  • The page in Request monitor now remains responsive while saving changes made to parameters in
    workflows with many activities, or when re-running activities.
  • Requests that never fully process, no longer display indefinitely in the Request Monitor with the status:
    Processing request…. These requests are now set to Error and the information submitted from Checkout is
    included in the error log, increasing the visibility for system administrators to handle such failed requests.