Offical Release of Snow Automation Platform 3.7.0

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This release introduces features, enhancements and corrections.

Release Information

ProductSnow Automation Platform
New version3.7.0
Release DateNovember 22, 2018
DistributionSUS and MSI Setup
Current StatusReleased



The following features have been implemented in Snow Automation Platform, version 3.7.0:

Settings page redesign

To make default and custom settings easier to find, understand and manage, the Settings page has been redesigned with expandable sections.


Improvements made to the Settings page include:

  • Each setting now has a short description of what the setting is used for and what impact it has within the platform.
  • Administrators can now add descriptions, give meaningful display names, and delete any settings they have created.
  • Default settings have been assigned with meaningful names. Previous setting names are still available and visible by enabling the show raw parameter tag.
  • The functions to add a new setting value and remove the add text fieldare now accessible in the same dialogue box.
  • The requirement to choose a setting type has been removed. All settings types are now set to text input (string).
  • An icon and time stamp have been added to show when translations are auto-saved. This information is available in Translation overview.
  • Obsolete settings are now hidden and cannot be accessed. Contact Snow Support for more information: Snow Support

Embedded help

The Administrator User guide is now easily accessed from every page. Direct links will take you to the section of the documentation describing the functionality of the page that is being currently worked on.

Here's an overview of what you can expect when you are logged on as an administrator:

  • Each page of the Admin menu now has a short description text describing the functionality of the page.
  • A Learn more link opens a slide-in panel opening the administrator user guide. Being context sensitive, the information displayed relates directly to the current page view.
  • A table of contents for easy browsing of the documentation.
  • A detailed, easy to use search function.
  • The option to open the documentation in a new tab.
  • You can continue working on the page with the documentation panel still open.

New parameter component A new version of the parameter component which is used to configure parameters values, has been built. What to expect when using this component:

  • The editor is now plain text, rather than a WISIWYG HTML editor.
  • To view editing results, select preview and preferred layout – Normal or Phone.
  • The Add reference button allows you to reference other parameters, settings, or named attributes. When selected, this button opens a dialogue box showing an overview of all available references, which can be filtered to easily find what you need.
  • Copy the Raw values to the clipboard with the reference tags remaining intact. This is useful when using other editors such as a HTML editor.

When the question mark icon located beside a reference tag is selected a pop-up containing detailed information about the tag opens.

These are the corrections by this new component:

  • Json values now display correctly. In previous versions values would sometimes show incorrectly e.g. displayed as [object object]
  • Negative numbers when used in the component will remain visible, rather than becoming ‘hidden’ when saved.
  • In previous versions, HTML would sometimes be changed by the system. Now, HTML is only rendered when preview is selected.

On the Request Monitor page:

  • All references to other parameters are now provided with tags, rather than only the first reference being tagged and resolved. In previous versions only the first reference was resolved, leaving the following ones unresolved.
  • It is now possible to edit parameter values that reference other parameters.
  • Screen flicker no longer occurs when hovering over large parameter values.

Workflow parameter is now referred to as Parameter throughout the interface. Functionality remains the same.


The following enhancements have been implemented in Snow Automation Platform, version 3.7.0:

  •  Administrators can now customize the color theme of the responsive version of Snow Automation Platform. The new .css file called customResponsive.css can be found at the installation location: Product/WebSite/Web/app/app/responsive/styles.
  • Theme files (custom.css and customResponsive.css) have been removed from the SUS package. This removal ensures that user-created styles will no longer be overwritten when updating.
  • The title, drop-down and user profile components in the Service Reviewsdialogue box can now be translated.
  • The On error e-mail address field in Activity, Workflow and Service views now accepts multiple e-mail addresses, separated by a comma.
  • Release notes are now available from the menu accessed by the burger icon.
  • A link to the Automation Platform Community forum is easily accessed from the menu under the burger icon.


The following corrections have been implemented in Snow Automation Platform, version 3.7.0:

  • Pressing Tab to move to the next input element on Checkout, My tasks, My services and Request monitor pages now behaves as expected.
  • The Named attribute: Request Id tag {{na:request.Id}} now resolves for parameters in workflows when triggered through InvokeWorkflow.
  • For the activity Task.exe, setting the parameters SendTaskCompleteMailToOwners to True while leaving parameter Owners_Secondary empty no longer causes it to fail.
  • Information about the PowerShell Web Services and the parameters that are linked to them are now shown correctly when an Automation Book is imported.
  • Failing activities are no longer continuously re-run if an unknown error occurs. Status is now correctly set to Error and Administrators are alerted to troubleshoot and fix the error.
  • Input directives Readonly string array and Readonly Collapsable String Array with parameters assigned static values or reference tags, no longer load indefinitely.
  • An error message on the My Tasks page now explains which parameter/s have failed, and more information about its regular expression will be shown. All valid parameters will be saved successfully as per usual.
  • In the Request monitor, all Services with Activities that encounter errors are correctly set to status Error rather than only one of the services given the status Error while the others stayed with the status Submitted.
  • Verification in Activity/Workflow/Service admin has been improved. The following corrections have been made:
    -  Invalid references to Settings, Named attributes and Instance attributes will now be found in both PowerShell web service configuration and Web Service URI.
    -  Valid references on the Activity level will no longer show as invalid when verifying the configuration on Workflow/Service level.
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