Offical Release of Snow Automation Platform 3.7.1

Document created by Angela.Atkins1 Employee on Mar 8, 2019
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This release introduces features, enhancements and corrections.

Release Information

ProductSnow Automation Platform
New version3.7.1
Release DateFebruary 26, 2019
DistributionSUS and MSI Setup
Current StatusReleased



  • Access rights are required to view the encrypted passwords for Service accounts when Automation Platform fetches the information from the API. These access rights can only be set by an administrator.
  • Information displayed on the My tasks view has been reorganized to improve the clarity and usability of the page. Performance enhancements when handling multiple tasks have also been made.
  • The total cost and total rent of Services shown on the My Service page will now only display the amounts to two decimals places.
  • The logic of how references are resolved between parameters in the Request monitor view has been updated. Viewing large workflows with many parameters will now be more efficient.


  • Fixed an issue where a workflow or service was sometimes unable to be exported. This issue has now been fixed, and no longer gives a generic error message.
  • The PowerShell function, Get-ServiceAccount in IgapCore now attempts to run again when an error is encountered.
  • Retrieving users from Active Directory, where the distinguished name contains a backslash, is now handled correctly. Backslashes are added by Active Directory when e.g. a comma is put in the CN of a user.
  • The error that occurred when referencing shared parameters on Checkout view has been fixed.
  • Importing Activities, Workflows and Services that contain wpo reference tags in the configuration, now do so correctly.
  • Sensitive parameters that are visible on Checkout, such as passwords, will no longer be shown in the Request Updates log on the Request monitor page.
  • Fixed an issue where visible parameters would not be sent to the API when submitted on Checkout causing the request to fail.
  • Completed tasks are now shown on My Tasks page even if their respective roles are deleted from the Azman database.
  • Multiple references to the same parameter object attribute are now resolved, rather than only resolving the first reference.
  • References to shared parameters now resolve correctly when a request is submitted on the mobile interface.
  • Parameters marked as Sensitive will no longer lose their values when encrypted. All sensitive parameters will now be properly encrypted and displayed as ***.
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