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Why do some licenses show as unassigned and other don't in a Compliance Report?

Question asked by ross.milne on Sep 19, 2018
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Does anyone have a clear statement about when a licenses show as unassigned in the compliance reports?


My current scenario is:

I am trying to reflect a MS SQL compliance in tool.  All licenses are Server metric and set up in Snow as:

Metric: Installation

Assignment Type: Computer/Datacenter


There are for instance 15 virtual servers that are running SQL and require Software Assurance but there are only 5 licenses with software assurance.


The 5 licenses are assigned to named computers


The remaining are being covered by the other unassigned licenses (without SA) in the system.


These 10 licenses should be showing as unassigned and therefore showing a shortfall in SQL.


Does anyone know if there is a way of stopping the above licenses 'auto allocating' to servers?