Current Intel Vulnerability - a quick one on gathering info for your security team!

Discussion created by SnowyDave on May 16, 2019
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Hi All


I put a post up today, being proactive as an ITAM - we often feed in some good data to IT security (or sometimes find an exploit before they do!) 

I created a simple report this morning that I did the same for when we had the Wannacry issue a few years back.


SLM as we know, has a great level of hardware information - including the CPU architecture and the generation of the CPU.

For this one, you need to go to standard reports - All computers - show report. 

Add column and look for the processor type - make sure you sort this by clicking on the box first, then drag to the top of the table to group it.


This will give you a good snapshot of your risk including any servers - make sure to add the Is virtual column and set to no otherwise you'll get unnecessary data!

Hope this quick fix helps :-)