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Duplicate Computers by Hostname

Question asked by adam.mnich Advocate on Oct 23, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2019 by Oliver.Berger

We have a serious problem with duplicates computers by hostname showing up in SLM.

The solution of deleting the "old" one from SLM isn't an option as we lose every time the information previously attached like licenses, the information in custom fields, documents, attached objects ...

I can't rely on the data presented in SLM because of this.


It started after the upgrade from SI3 to SI5. Now we are on SI6 but the problem is still there. 

We are on HostNameOnly of the SI.


If this won't be fixed we will have to drop SI and SLM as a non-reliable product.


Has anyone else had a problem with duplicate hostnames in SLM and found a solution for that maybe?