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Question asked by sebbe on Sep 15, 2017
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hi, I have a problem with overassignment in slm8 for windows server 2012 standard. I am trying to license up a VMware cluster who contains 7 physical hosts a 2 processors each. in this cluster we have a total of 9 virtual server who can start up on any host.


this means according to Microsoft licensemodel that i need to license this cluster with 35 license or 70 processors.

7 licenses for the physical hosts, gives me right to have 2 vm on each host. then i need to get licenses for the other 7 vm:s.  since I can´t split licenses between hosts I need to get additional 4 licenses for each host wich gives me right to use 10 vm:s in total within the cluster.  7 + 7*4 = 35


now when I assign this cluster licenses for 70 processors and saying that each processors have a right for 1 vm and set the vm use rights to "any"  SLM8 says this cluster is overassigned.


so my question is, how do i set this up so slm8 think its right and at the same time I follow the actual licensrule from Microsoft?



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Sebastian Westling