Which features would you like to see in SLM?

Discussion created by alexander.butzlaff Advocate on Nov 13, 2017
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Hi all,


in June Dennis.Smith started a discussion event called "Ask Snow" in this community board. Working with SLM for several months gaining my own experience I came across some things that could use a review by the SLM development team in my opinion. Of course I could just go and open a ticket containing a feature request. But I am just a single SLM user obviously working in my own small bubble. So I thought it might be a good idea if we shared our thoughts to point out which challenges with and expectations towards the tool actually are of importance throughout the community. My aim is not to complain but rather to see whether some of you might face the same troubles as I do and discuss proper solutions.


So as a starter here are some points that imho could use some improvement:

  1. Consolidation of installation paths

The standard installation paths of Snow SLM in connection with all products surrounding it (like Integration Connectors, Inventory and so on) is a mess. There are some installations in Programs, some in Programs (x86) which makes all adminsitrative work unnecessarily complicated. Especially when it comes to...


   2. Entering Snow Product Keys

There are keys that need to be added within the Web connfigurator, others that need to be added within some .ini-data, even .ini-data in two different locations. A central key management really would make things a lot easier.


   3. Allocating Microsoft developer licenses to an actual dev/test infrastructure

Every time I need to add a dev license like Visual Studio Enterprise w/MSDN I face the same problem: I don't know how to properly allocate all the products/applications the licensee uses to the license object. Obviously, all the installations of Visual Studio itself are covered by the named user license. But what about the applications the user is allowed to download from the MSDN portal? There are workarounds as suggested here and here, for instance. However, having some experience with other SAM tools I find it pretty useful to directly set within a computer whether it is a production or a development device. If the respective use right are drawn from the SKUs/product terms you could automatically scope the developer license to the approproate device category.


Any thoughts on that?