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Categorization of server in widgets and overviews

Question asked by sebastian.botz Advocate on Dec 15, 2017

Hi there,


with the SLM release 8.2.02 something was "fixed":

The information displayed by the Computer types graph, the widget that can be added to a Snowboard, and the widget on the Computers overview page is now consistent (PRB0040704).


Before, the widget and Compuer Overview showed one number for virtual and physical Server.

With this release, now the virtual server are only shown under the category virtual.



In my opinion that does not make sense and for all established widget and reports of our users this brought confusion. Looks like we "lost" a lot of servers, in fact they are now mixed with virtual Desktops.


Would be better to provide more details here, like:

Phy. ServerVirtual ServersLaptopsPhys. DesktopsVirtual Desktops


Anyone else having same experience? What is your opinion on that topic?


Many thanks and best regards