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Custom scanning with zero footprint agents

Question asked by DavidHobbs Advocate on Feb 28, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2018 by Michael.Hambsch

I was reading about zero footprint agents here: Snow Inventory 5 Zero Footprint Technical Documentation. It seems pretty interesting. But I was wondering if I could adapt this process for a slightly different purpose...


The procedure seems to copy a version of snowagent.exe and snowagent.config to the remote machine and then trigger a scan from the command line.


Say I have a machine that already has an agent installed, but I want to run a one-off custom scan, without changing our configuration.  Could I make a custom snowagent.config file and then use something similar to the zero footprint approach to trigger a one-off custom scan?  I'm thinking that we could use this to scan a custom folder on a file server, for example.  It might be useful for a one-off scan.


Obviously, all this depends on having credentials with sufficient permissions though.  But does it sound like this would work?