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Windows Virtual Desktop Access Coverage?

Question asked by T.Howland Advocate on May 4, 2018
Latest reply on May 8, 2018 by T.Howland

Hi all,


I am in need of some clarity regarding the automated (non-editable) Windows Virtual Desktop Access allocations.


Taking the rules into consideration, from the links below, I am struggling to understand how SLM determines where COVERAGE is applicable (not the requirement for VDA - this is clear).


Snow Inventory VDI Guide:

SLM Coverage for VDI Blog:


To provide you with some additional context, I have a situation whereby a requirement for Windows Virtual Desktop Access has appeared.

Requirement = 70

Available Licenses = 0

Coverage = 11 (???)


Note: We have an Enterprise Agreement with Windows 10 Enterprise present with full coverage for our estate.

My current understanding is that no variations of Thin Clients are present in the estate either (TBC).


If someone could shed some light on HOW and WHERE the coverage for Windows VDA stems from, it would be greatly appreciated! At the moment it feels like a black box result.