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We just added more licenses to cover a recent acquisition. SNOW provided several new keys; one to be added via the Web Configurator for SLM and the other by updating the snowserver.config file for SNOW Inventory Server (with a service restart).   I see the new license count in SLM in the About section,

Blacklisting software is one of the 'bonus' features that comes courtesy of Snow's extensive recognition database. Even the best IT Security teams often dont have the time to figure out which .exe's are good and which are harmful.  The question though is what to define in your blacklist. The obvious ones are which snow constantly keeps up to
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Hello All,   I am bit concerned about how licensing model of Snow works and also not able to find any relevant document which has the details regarding the same:   1. Snow Inventory - We have X unique target devices (workstations, laptops & servers) which will be inventoried using Snow Inventory. So, the license which will we