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Hi, I added a license in the SLM, this license has a Maintenance and support period that allows the users to upgrade the version the problem is that when I don't add that period in the license I have Coverage and when I do add that period ,the SLM shows that there isn't any coverage. what am I doing wrong?   I've attached a screenshot

Hi,   We have some very useful Custom SQL Reports, but unfortunately they show all the records to everybody.  We would like to have organisation restrictions on these reports, so our users can only see there data from their own country.  Has anyone else managed to get this to work?   I see that Liam was able to
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While adding a user based license for eg. - Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise with MSDN, if the assignment type is kept to organization it shows the license quantity that is entered. However if the assignment type is changed to user it does not reflect the in the license quantity.   For the consumption part, by adding the user name in