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Blacklisting software is one of the 'bonus' features that comes courtesy of Snow's extensive recognition database. Even the best IT Security teams often dont have the time to figure out which .exe's are good and which are harmful.  The question though is what to define in your blacklist. The obvious ones are which snow constantly keeps up to date… (Show more)
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Hello,   An issue that we have in our organization is having to give access to several snow users manually. Last time we read about that we saw that Snow doesn't support Active Directory groups yet.   Would it be possible to do give snow rights to Active Directory groups instead of individual users? If not, are there any plans of this feature… (Show more)
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We are facing the following situation: We would like to get all the software that is installed on a particular computer 1 (Software Portal) and reinstall them on another computer 2. Thus, all software on computer 1 would be installed on computer 2 and removed from computer 1. We use SCCM to have computers included in installation and… (Show more)
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Hello, I am trying to get Snow to send emails - reports, alerts, forgotten password, etc. I have configured the SMTP settings within the SMACC but cannot get mail to work.   I know the SMTP server details are correct as I can use a TELNET session to send mail from my snow server, via the smtp server, to myself. So clearly I'm mis-configuring… (Show more)
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New(ish) to using Snow. So apologies for the dumb question.   We have multiple licences for an application with automatic upgrade and downgrade. The licences are for V8 of the software - which all users are on. V9 is showing in snow with 0 users, and 12 of the licences are being allocated to this version. I have tried putting in upgrade /… (Show more)
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Hi, I am keen to know how many of you are making use of the Web Application reporting, in particular those that have a managed service and not using Snow on-prem. I recently came across this and tried to set this up, but the one web application I used appears not to be in use. Silly question, but I assume you have to know the web applications… (Show more)
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Does anyone else have Apple MAC devices within their estate? We have been tidying up our user list, by enabling the user quarantine management and user exclusion list and have bought our list down from over 20K to under 10K. Now that we have a more manageable list of users we can spot anomalies easier.   I have come across several user prefixed… (Show more)
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Good afternoon we have some instances where a computer has been succcessfully inventoried, the inventory file has been processed (both Snow agent or via SIM connector) and the computer object has not appeared in SLM post DUJ. The clientID is available so i do not believe it is due to contention. We do have enough available licenses. Is there a… (Show more)
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Hi all, has anybody experience in updating a custom field via SQL script? I have a boolean field which is mandatory and try to update values with following script:   update SnowLicenseManager.dbo.tblCID_cf_l_1 set SnowLicenseManager.dbo.tblCID_cf_l_1.[NameOfCustomField]='1' from SnowLicenseManager.dbo.tblCID_cf_l_1 join… (Show more)
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Hello! I am working with SNOW software updating company information and licensing metrics. My question right now is regarding the organization chart, how can I update this info to SNOW? There is any way to update this info in a .csv file? I will get soon all the data regarding the entire employee information of the company and I need to update… (Show more)
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