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Hi, since Oracle made changes to the licensing for Java JDK/SDK, has Snow License Manager been changed to identify the versions which now require licences?
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Dear All,   When checking from the "Datacenter and Cluster" menu on SLM, I noticed that there is a cluster with its member were missing, not match with what I see from vCenter. I have tried to agregate the SIM connector however until now still doesnt give an expected result. The hosts member cluster still not listed from SLM, neither on Computer… (Show more)
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Hi community,   I've recently installed my first instance of a Standalone Receiver. I installed it using the 6.0.0 installer, and I realized that there is no Snow Update Service installed on that machine.   Since there are already newer versions of SI, I would like to update the installation to the latest version.   How can I do that?  … (Show more)
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Hi, I am managing and configuring an estate of 27 affiliated companies and need to identify which computers/ servers belong to which company. Unfortunately there are no naming standards in place to make identification easy for all of them. As a result I have many different rules in place to try to group the computers by company including 1.… (Show more)
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Click to view contentWe have a product  "XYZ" and purchased multiple license types Node locked and concurrent (floating) licenses. Creating floating license for XYZ application: When I want to add "XYZ" floating license in snow - metric is not showing    So I went to the "XYZ" application edit tab and selected concurrent device and saved. finally I have created… (Show more)
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Hello, Are you able to assign a web application url to an agreement, only when there has been activity to said url?   Thanks.
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User Guide: Microsoft Office 365 Connector User Guide: SaaS Connector User Guide: Microsoft Intune Connector User Guide: Altiris Connector User Guide: AirWatch Connector User Guide: VMware vSphere Connector User Guide: Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Connector User Guide: Azure Discovery Connector User Guide: Microsoft SCCM Connector…
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Click to view contentHi!   We have an issue with VMware connector - some virtual machines are not marked as "Inventoried", but actually have an installed agent:   DCC and clusters section: All computers section:   Only one machine is mapped successfully. How I can get a correct mapping?   SLM: Version 8.3 Revision 04 Build 6851 SIM: 5.12.0 (1545)   Regards,… (Show more)
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On Monday Snow updated the Snow Update Service itself. Since Tuesday we now have a lot of applications that are not recognized correctly any more. For example a lot of SQL Server editions are not recognized, SQL Server 2016 Enterprise, SQL Server 2012 EnterpriseSQL Server 2008 R2 Standard, SQL Server 2005 Standard but also a lot of other… (Show more)
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