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How to generate a SoftwareHash value

Question asked by DavidHobbs Advocate on Jan 16, 2019
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We have been trying to import a 'pre-recognized' application using SnowXML via the Snow Integration Manager.  Whilst we can see the imported application in the Inventory SMACC, we were not able to get the application to appear in SLM.  We had a ticket open with Snow Support about this.


To get this to work, Snow Support tell us that we need to run the following SQL command:


INSERT INTO tblSoftwareProductApplicationMap (ApplicationID, SoftwareHash, SRSUpdateDate) VALUES ('APPLICATION ID GOES HERE', '59C4C036AAB39C340E2736558DF49943', '2018-01-16 17:15:00.000');


...where we get the ApplicationID from the SMACC on our SLM server.  Hopefully that solves the problem.


However ...  when we wish to do this with other applications, I assume that we'll need to generate another SoftwareHash so that we can run that SQL insert again.


Does anybody know how we can generate other SoftwareHash values?


Thanks in advance!  David