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Checkout: Update fields when a specific field has changed

Question asked by dnnsrnhrdt on Jan 17, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2019 by dnnsrnhrdt

Hi @ll,


I have another question about AP, PowerShell web services and field contents.

As in the last post, it's about a PowerShell Web service that provides appropriate information to the AP based on the computer name. The table shows the simplified mapping, based on the first two digits of the computer name.


Name patterneMailSubject
DW*service_center_ws@xyz.comSoftware Installation - Workstation
DS*service_center_srv@xyz.comSoftware Installation - Server
PG*service_center_lap@xyz.comSoftware Installation - PGTW


The computer name is automatically determined and filled by the AP during checkout. I also pass the computer object on to the PowerShell web service and receive the corresponding contents for e-mail and subject.


However, it happens  that an authorised user has to place an order for other users (group leader or secretary).

This user then selects the other user's computer, but unfortunately the selection does not change the other two fields.


Is there a way to store a kind of "auto update" function for fields?