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"Update existing applications" and "Application ID"

Question asked by NGA10 on Jan 17, 2019
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Hi Snow Community,


I have a (hopefully not stupid) question…


We’ve added a Custom Field to Applications to provide an internal categorisation of software which is more specific to our business than the Snow categorisation.


The business took a spreadsheet exported straight out of Snow’s web interface of our approximately 9,000 applications (and versions thereof) and added their Category against the Application Name and Manufacturer Name.

In trying to upload this data into Snow I’ve found a few challenges. So the question is has anyone else come across these challenges and found a good way of dealing with them?


  •      When you try to import data and “Update existing applications” you have two choices to map to – the “Application Name” or “Application ID”.

    Snow (sensibly) won’t allow you to upload updates to non-unique Application names and Snow (not sensibly IMHO) does not expose the Application ID in the SLM web interface (that I’ve found). So if you have duplicated Application names (and we do) then you are left with no alternative but to use the Application ID.
  •      So I took to SQL… When you look in the SQL output from Snow for all applications, you find there are applications with the same Application Name and Manufacturer name but with different Application IDs so although this provides 95% of the Application name to Application ID mapping there’s still some manual work to do.
  •      So I took to SLM’s SMACC... to find out what is deployed in the estate. The best rule (sorry) seems to be that if there are duplicates in SMACC, choose the one whose rules have hits. You then have to manually re-key (I couldn’t find a way to copy an Application ID out of SMACC) the Application ID into your upload spreadsheet.


Now either I missed something or this seems rather complicated and potentially easily solved if the SLM web interface exposed the Application ID.


Advice and guidance very welcome ;-)


Regards, Nick.