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Computer & Quarantaine?

Question asked by Karine on Apr 13, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2017 by Karine


I have this weird situation :

I have a desktop which was called STAR001.

It has been replaced by a laptop called STARL001.

Snow agent inventoried these 2 computers with these names in december 2016.


Then in january, the computers have been renamed :

The new laptop is now STAR001.

The old desktop is now STAR001OLD.


When I look into SLM inventory, I don't see the results of this, I just see the 2 old names of the computers.

I have checked in AD and the names are the new ones, not the old ones we have in SLM.

And of course now in SLM these 2 old names are now in quarantaine but no trace of the new names.


What do you advice me to do ?

I have checked the snow agent on STAR001 and the log gets info that it is doing its job normally.

I don't know what is happening after the data collection and if the data is well sent to the server in order to update the db infos.

I'm wondering if I should archive the 2 old names and then Snow will detect the 2 new names after that maybe ?

What is the consequence of archiving the 2 old names since they're not existing anymore like they appear in inventory ?

I might give a try ? What do you think ?