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Turn off garbage collector

Question asked by VishayKrishan Advocate on Jan 21, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2019 by VishayKrishan

I am trying to turn off garbage collector in order to do some analysis on an issue I have. I have added the following to my configuration file in our test environment:




<Module typeName="SnowSoftware.Inventory.Server.GarbageCollectionModule">
<Setter propertyName="IsEnabled">false</Setter>
<Setter propertyName="Interval">"12:00:00"</Setter>
<Setter propertyName="MaxSequenceNumbers">1</Setter>
<Setter propertyName="DaysOfCumulativeTableHistoryToKeep">365</Setter>
<Setter propertyName="DaysOfMetricHistoryToKeep">30</Setter>
<Setter propertyName="SqlCommandTimeOut">30</Setter>


However when i check powershell after restarting the service it is still set to enabled:


Any advice would be appreciated.