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Discussion created by Dirk Advocate on Feb 5, 2019
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Hi All,

recently we experienced two blocking problems: an Error 200 message in certain agents and a SGS which stopped processing his data.

It all started with two SGS which we set up at two different networks, almost identical setups: one gateway is working well, the other was working one day only...

We investigated every piece of network and routing, the configuration and firewall-rules... still not working... We redeployed the server, re-installed the SGS... yes it was working again! But after another day it stopped again... Thanks to Sebastiano we discovered this:

SGS funnel 1

SGS funnel 2SGS funnel 3

So, the SGS does have kind of build-in funnel. If snowpacks are too large, the funnel blocks (time-out) and it looks like the SGS stopped working. This explained why our SGS was working for about one day.

On top of this, we got another problem which is directly related to this problem, from certain servers we got the message that the agent was not sending his data. In the logs we discovered an "Error 200" (which means, everything is OK!).

Both problems have the same cause and solution:

Before deploying your agents, be sure you exclude as much as possible folder with hugh amount of files and subfolders, typically on file-servers or deployment servers.

Even if the agent is able to process the snowpack, it might stuck in the next gateway (SGS). That easy...!

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