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View license assignment in SLM 9

Question asked by TnJ8cR Advocate on Feb 2, 2019

Hello everyone,


Unfortunately, since SLM 8 there is no view of the license assignment on the object (computer / User).

To view the license assignment you have to click on the report "License Tracking per... " report. Now also the license assignment of connectors (like Office 365) is displayed there. However, other license assignments are missing.


For example Microsoft Visual Studio:


in the screenshot you can see my user assigned to a Microsoft 365 E3 plan. However, the manual assignment of Visual Studio and the other license assignments are missing.  


In the Screenshot you see the license assignment. 

(The term of the subscription is current and the contract continues and has not expired)


How can I view the license assignment of users? 

Perhaps there are side effects to the question of license allocation and compliance calculation of data centers license allocation.


Thank you very much for your help and a wonderful weekend