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How can i delete large quarantine lists via SQL?

Question asked by lerickson on Feb 5, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2019 by carola.iberl

Due to a recent refresh project, our quarantine list is causing us to hit our license capacity. Because of this, new machines aren't being brought in. Since there are 400+ machines to be removed and manipulating large datasets via the SLM UI is painful, what are the SQL queries I could run to remove our quarantined lists and prevent them from popping back up on data update. I would rather not have to change SMACC settings around quarantined, as they are fine outside of this project. 

I have been using the two below queries however the list repopulates on data update. 

DELETE FROM dbo.tblComputer WHERE QuarantineDate IS NOT NULL;


DELETE FROM dbo.tblDeviceInfo WHERE QuarantineDate IS NOT NULL