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Wrong status set by automatic Computer Quarantine Management

Question asked by carola.iberl Advocate on Feb 7, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2019 by Jorgy

Did anybody also notice problems in automatic computer quarantine management?


Our Quarantine Management for computers is configured to set computers status to Quarantined after 60 days of inactivity and to Inactive after further 30 days (we don't let the system automatically remove the computers).


I noticed that since a while a lot computers, that should have status Inactive are still on Quarantined.

For example several computers last scanned on 01. October, do have a Quarantinedate of 01.Dec. but are still in status Quarantined.

What makes it strange is, that some computers with the same scandate are set correctly to Inactive.

That's the behaviour in SLM 8.3.6


In SLM 9 this behaviour is even more strange. That computers, that keep the Quarantine status in SLM8, do have a daily status change between Active and Quarantined in SLM 9, one day they are Active, the other day Quarantined and so on.


For me that is critical, because it has direct impact on compliance calculation. Inactive computers do not count for license requirement, while installations on active or quarantined computers do have a license requirement.


I raised a ticket at Snow, but it seems they don't see it as critical or I'm the only one.

So I wanted to know if anybody else also noticed that behaviour.


Automatic Quarantine Management is activated for that computers.