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Computers with Snow Agent and Ivanti Agent - Set Priority

Question asked by Morgado on Feb 6, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2019 by martin.christersson2



I've a scenario where some computers have two different agents inventorying computers & installed apps: Snow agent and Ivanti Agent.

Ivanti is worldwide deployed and Snow agents only in some particular computers that we need to collect more details.


We would like that in these particular computers (with 2 agents) that the Agent Snow be set as "priority". With this I mean, the Ivanti information should NOT be overrided in the SIM even when the Ivanti aggregation occurs after the Snow Agent aggregation. Would that be possible? 

It appears that Snow agent sync & aggregation occurs during morning.. so the information is getting override during our daily schedules that happen during the whole day until the DUJ.


Right now what happens is that sometimes a computer is inventoried today by Ivanti, tomorrow is by Snow Agent and so on. Since the information from Ivanti is not so accurate as Snow agent, this has become a problem.


Remove Ivanti agent is not a solution because its being used for patching, security, etc.


Any tips out there for a possible solution?