Active Directory Device Discovery not working

Discussion created by REHoa on Feb 7, 2019
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We are struggeling with this feature since several months not getting this to run.

What we did:

1.) set the the entries in the config-file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <Module typeName="SnowSoftware.Inventory.Discovery.ActiveDirectory.ActiveDirectoryDiscoveryModule">
      <Setter propertyName="IsEnabled">true</Setter>
      <Setter propertyName="Interval">"7.00:00:00"</Setter>


2.) Configured Inventory Server in SMaCC to use Device and User Discovery

LDAP Path: LDAP://mydomain.local

Use SSL: no

User name: NETBIOSname\Service-User


3.) Snow Inventory Server Service running as Local System (also tried with service User of the domain without any success)


Errors in C:\ProgramData\SnowSoftware\Inventory\Server

2019-02-07T14:21:34+01:00;discovery-active-directory;;;;Connecting to 'LDAP://mydomain.local'...
2019-02-07T14:21:34+01:00;discovery-active-directory;;;;Successfully connected to 'LDAP://mydomain.local', returned ID is xxxxxxxx-xxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxx
2019-02-07T14:21:34+01:00;discovery-active-directory;;;;Starting Active Directory discovery crawler...
2019-02-07T14:21:34+01:00;discovery-active-directory;;;;Active Directory discovery of 'LDAP://mydomain.local' started.
2019-02-07T14:21:36+01:00;trace;;;;RunTask Id=29612 of type 'ActiveDirectoryDiscoveryModule' started
2019-02-07T14:21:36+01:00;discovery-active-directory;;;;Connecting to 'LDAP://mydomain.local'...
2019-02-07T14:21:36+01:00;discovery-active-directory;;;;Connection to 'LDAP://mydomain.local' has been failed. The following error(s) has been returned:
The user name or password is incorrect.
2019-02-07T14:21:36+01:00;discovery-active-directory;;;;Unable to process Active Directory path: 'LDAP://mydomain.local'
2019-02-07T14:21:36+01:00;trace;;;;RunTask Id=29819 of type 'ActiveDirectoryDiscoveryUserModule' started


We double-checked username and password which is 1000% correct!?!

The User is Domain-user in mydomain.local, and local admin on the snow inventory server.


Can anyone give an advice how to properly configure AD Discovery feature in Snow?

Also as mentioned by several users in the forum: Where to download the official PDF admin user guide for INV 6 Server??? All links in the forum are broken links / 404 not found.


Thanks in advance!