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How to license Snow License Manager?

Question asked by andreas.leeraar Advocate on Feb 8, 2019
Latest reply on May 1, 2019 by AndersATEA

Hi All,


A pretty basic question but I still get discussions on this.


In the pricelist there is this definition:

A Device is defined as an inventoried, managed device whether active or quarantined, including, but not limited to, desktop, laptop, server, virtual machine.


As I have learned over the years is that a 'device' like a personal macbook which is used to connect to a RDS/Terminal Server (but doesn't have a Snow Inventory Client installed as it is a home/personal device) still counts towards a Snow License.


Could one say this is due to the fact we see this as a 'managed device' as it is visible in SLM and therefor needs a license?


So basically also a thin-client which makes a connection to RDS/Terminal Services needs to have a license when it is visible via 'List all devices' so it is a managed device.


The reason for this discussion is always the fact that in a Service Provider Editon the Agreed Units on the first screen (when one logs on as a root administrator) is never counting the devices but only computers with a Snow Inventory Client on it.


Thank you in advance,