Contract & License Gathering Struggles

Discussion created by DaleCameron on May 12, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2017 by neil.oleary

We implemented SLM & SI about 2 years ago and have the agent on a vast majority of our systems including both end-user devices and servers, so we are getting really good inventory and usage data, but we still are not able to fully use the compliance reporting functionality because we struggle to input all of the licenses into SLM. We have the big ones like Microsoft, Adobe etc. so if we measure the licenses in Snow by dollar value then we probably have the majority entered, but if we go by the total number of licensed applications a vast majority of them are not in the system.


I seem to have 2 major issues when gathering license information:

  1. Getting all of the relevant Contract/License information (often not even being informed about changes)
  2. Interpreting & translating what we do get into a license record in SLM that accurately represents the terms of the contract/license 


My question is do you all in the community have the same struggles, and what have you done to solve the problem?


I don't want this post to become a place to rant, but a discussion about how to become better and gathering the data and creating licenses in SLM. 

Does anyone have any successes they are willing to share?

Please be specific, telling me to "Build it into the process." isn't all that helpful.  Where have you built this into your process, and how it is working?