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What's the "Best" way to reflect Agreements?

Question asked by Dabs1981 on Jun 6, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2017 by alan.witt

Hi All, 


I'm looking for help regarding the "Best" way to add Agreements (both new & historical) and linking them to license records. I know there are various way's but I'm curious to see how others have completed it.


Let's take Snow's actual agreement itself. Here is my history....


1) Original purchase in September 2013 for 7500 inventory client licenses

2) This was a 3-year agreement through to 2016

3) In September 2016 I renewed the subscription for 1-year upping the license count to 8000 client licenses.

4) In Feb 2017 I had to purchased 2000 additional licenses taking our tally to 10000 total. 


So currently we stand with 10,000 agent licenses. 


My question is how do I best represent this within Snow...and i'm sure it'll apply to many of the agreements and licenses I have to populate in the future.


Do I have just one agreement (Subscription) that I change the dates for each year?

How do I represent the historical years from 2013-2016 where I just want them to be visible? Should they be sub-agreements now expired?

When I'm trying to link the original licenses purchased in 2013 the current agreement won't show up as it's 2016-2017?



Many thanks, Lloyd