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Inventory 5 in a hosted environment

Question asked by mary.barr1 Advocate on Jun 9, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2017 by rswain

I've seen Inventory 5 set up in an enterprise edition / locally installed environment but I'm hosted. I've heard the partner I'm hosted by is in the process of moving to Inv5. I understand that each partner may not take on administering all the new functionality but I would like to know how that changes in an SPE/hosted environment. For example,

  • I know Inv5-based clients can be updated, managed, and deployed via SMaCC in an enterprise edition. Since we're hosted, I would not have access to the partner's server to do that for myself. I'll need to continue my current process of having my clients created by Snow or the Partner.
  • I know uniqueness of a computer/device is derived a bit differently; sounds like there's less fluctuation.I'll need to move to an Inv5-based client to take advantage of this.
  • I understand there is now a master and a service gateway design. Depending on how the partner chooses to implement this, it may or may not have an impact on my feed to them.
  • I seem to remember something about being able to gather data from additional avenues, unfortunately I don't remember the details so can't work out if we could take advantage of that yes / no / depends on the Partner.


Have I misunderstood anything?

Am I missing anything good? Bad?